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Crashsteps (an enhanced footsteps script)


hi, and welcome to my first script release. I was planning to make this part of a dual release, but I'm having some difficulty with my second script and it looks like it may take some time to get my head around it so I thought I'd let you guys have this one first :)




- Welcome to CrashSteps, I have attempted to give you, the user, a footsteps / collision sound script that has anything and everything that you, the user, might want. The script is fully free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects, although if you do use it, it would be nice if you let me know =) 

- If you would like to make any adaptions to the script, I ask that you leave credits to me within the script, and if you are planning on adapting it and releasing as a new version, please contact me before. 

- For your ease of use, and to help anyone with uncertainties, I have provided a basic demo for the script in the links spoiler at the bottom of this page. this contains the script, as well as a few basic footstep sounds from Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time, which is one of my favourite games. 





All Credits for the script go to myself, however, I feel it important to note that I learned from DP3, a link to his yt channel is in the bottom of the script itself.





- Plays Sound effects when walking.

- Plays Sound effects when colliding with objects/walls

- Can play different sound effects depending what region you are walking in. (configurable within the script itself).

- Can have footsteps/collision sounds turned on, turned off, or toggled in-game.



Required Scripts


There are no required scripts for this script. None at all!





To my knowledge this script should be compatible with most if not all other scripts, although may cause conflict with other scripts designed to do the same thing. 

For a list of alias'd commands see the script header.

If you find any compatibility issues please feel free to contact me, and I'll see if I can create a patch.





Script (pastebin)    : http://pastebin.com/e3y1DD9u               - the script is here, just copy and paste it above main but below materials.

Demo (filedropper) : http://www.filedropper.com/crashsteps   - the file is a zipped folder, just right click and extract, there is no password.



if you are having any problems with this script, please leave a description of the problem you are having below.

if the script is not working/playing sound, please use play-test mode and view the console, the console will print if the file name is incorrect. check this before commenting.

Custom footstep sounds should always be placed in "Audio\SE"

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Nice! I love that you allow us to change the frequency of the sound effect, that was super important. Is there anyway to set 2 different frequency times for the footsteps/collisions? One for walking and one for dashing? Right now the frequency I have set is perfect for walking, but its way too slow for dashing.



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Bro just set the values to variable script calls

and then run the changes to the variables in a parrellel process common event



call a common event instead of a sound effect

put the sound effect in the common event


AND THEN, do what ever you want YEE

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