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Hey guys!


I realised lately that sooner or later I'll need to implement some side-quests into my game, to let the player have a break from the main goal, and also possibly get the player some better equipment, money, experience, all this stuff you guys already know.


So then I started thinking of those side-quests:


Go find that little girl's cat.

Slay 15 wolves in the lost plains.

Catch some fish for the town's cook.

Kill Gluark, the orc chieftain.


I know, you've all realised it: these are so cliché! I mean... 90% of RPG got at least one of the quests I've previously mentioned.

So then, what new could we bring? I thought, and thought, and thought even more about these, and I figured out that there's no way to vary your quests objectives, because they all fall in very few big categories, making them all roughly similar.


So how can you make good sidequests? The storyline. An immersive story in quest chains will make the player forget that it's the 5th time he need to go collect some materials for that poor old witch!


But... What if there was another way to add diversity?

This question I can't answer, and that's the purpose of this topic (god I talked a lot...): trying to find new types of quests.

I will share here my personal way to categorise quest objectives, and I REALLY want you guys to share all other types of quests you've ever created/encoutered.



Slaying Quest

Many normal ennemies (Kill 10 bears)


A single boss battle (Slay Longfeng, the giant tiger)


Gathering Quest

Many objects (Pick 14 dandelions)


Item/Skill required objects (Chop down 8 oak branches [Forestry level 13 required] or [bronze axe required])


Slaying/Gathering (Collect 5 wolf teeth)


Single rare object (Find the Amulet of the King)


Social Quest

Meta-quest (Complete all tasks from the city guards in order to have access to the castle)


Information (Go ask the princess what she would like to eat) or (Tell the cook the princess wants to eat pork)


Convincing (Convince the guard to let you through)


Rescue (Rescue Max in the brigand's encampment)


Meeting (Find the fairy of the woods)


Landscape Quest

Opening new route (Move the boulder blocking the path)


Finding new route (Find another way to Cerington)


Item/Skill route (Climb the vines to reach the top of the mountain [Agility level 27 required] or [Climbing gloves required]


Discovery (Find the hidden city of Merlask)



That's pretty much all I have. If any of you guys have more, it would be very nice for you to share!!

Even if you think it may fall in a category above, don't mind it and share anyways. It may only be halpful to us all!

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