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eventing [REQUEST] Talking to X Amount of People Quest

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Talk to X Amount of People



Requested by PoorCollegeGuy

devonm0 made a great addition here.



The first thing you want to do is make the event where the quest is. For mine, I am going to do a grandmother looking for her grandchildren. In the event page 1, you want to add the text and then make a switch that activates the quest.




The next event page, you will have the conditions switch set to the quest. Next, make a variable for the quest.

Make a conditional branch and set the number to the amount of people you need to talk to. Inside that, you will have the completed quest and you will turn off the quest switch and then turn on self switch B.




The third page will have the self switch B on, and have the message with after you completed the quest.




Now, to make the children, the simpilist thing to do is to have the variable add by 1. This will make it easy to copy and paste the event. The first page is talking to the children before the quest.




The next page is to have it to where the quest is on. It should include the variable and a way to make it so that you do not keep selecting the character after you increased the variable.






And that is all there is to making a quest where you need to interact with an X number of people. ^_^



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I have something to add.  The variables approach can be used even if the idea is to speak to the npcs in a specific order.  In that case, you would just incorporate the variable into the conditions for getting each character to respond for the quest, setting the required value to equal the number of people you want to have the player talk to before the one in question.  Examples are below.












...and so on.  I made eight quest npcs (minus the slab) for that example, but I don't need to show them all.  I believe you get the idea.

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