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Window scripts

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Hey all, I'm new to these forums as well as scripting. I was just wondering if I could get a hand with a few problems I'm having. I'm mainly changing window sizes to begin with but I have some other ideas in mind, if they're at all possible.


First up on the actor status select, I am wanting to change the size of the selection box, I resized that window as best I could and then the above, in attachment one, happened.
Also I'm wondering is it possible to have the actors status permanently on screen without hindering game play? Without the menu of course.
Ideally having it take up that whole top row and when the menu is present to just shift over where it is in the first attachment or even to just take up the space seen.


Secondly I'm wanting to change the window size of both the items and key items list. I just can't seem to find the right code to edit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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