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Hello I have idea for a Card game :)

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Hello everybody.

I have some idea for a card game, it's going to be like this:

- Each player has 15 cards

- They can't have more than 3 cards in their hand

- Each card after set on the desk can move around, they will have their own HP, ATK, DEF, Move range. ...

- Player control their cards (monsters) attacking enemy's until one player has no monster left

- Players must set no more & at least 1 monster card on the deck & max of 1 support card each turn (optional for support card)

- Who doesn't have any monsters & can't set any monster on the deck is lost!


Any suggestion for the game :) I'm glad to hear your ideas

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This kind of card game is very hard to create because to have monsters with different attack and health and everything screams for resources to "cast" them. Sound familiar? Magik The Gathering. It is too easy for a card game where you cast monsters to be extremely similar. Me and my friends have been making board game for over 10 years (in fact, we are making one inspired by Warhammer right now), and we are constantly looking for a way to pull this off and we have yet to do it without being too similar to Magik. Perhaps you've thought of something we haven't, and I think that you should definitely try it. Just don't be shocked if it ends up looking very much like Magik.

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