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[Quasi] Screen Scrolling

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[Quasi] Screen Scrolling Version 1.00

by Quasi


What it does:

 Very simple plug and play! Allow for better screen control, including smooth diagonal scrolling and scrolling to an event or player.


Example Event:




 Read script header.



- Script

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Scrolling directly to an event sounds great. Every time I saw one of those diagonal scrolling scripts I kept thinking if I would still need to calculate where something was in order to make a decent-looking cutscene with screen scrolling, but that doubt is gone now... I'll probably use this one.

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Sweet.  I just released mine because I noticed a few of the ones out there didn't scroll smooth, as in it wouldn't calculate the different speeds for x and y and just use the same speed for both.  Which made weird angles like going up 5 and only left 1 look not smooth at all, since it would reach left 1 then still have to scroll up 4 more.

Then I added that scroll to as a bonus because I like to be lazy in events, so less eventing lines the better!

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