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Euphoria - Alternate Currencies

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Alternate Currencies V1.1

by Euphoria








This script gives you the ability to create new and separate currencies for your game to use. Up to seven of these currencies can be shown in the menu, and a currency view scene can be add to the menu as well. By using script calls, you can change the amount of each currency the party has, and through a conditional branch check to see if the player can but items with a currency. Use your imagination a bit and there are lots of possibilites!




New Currencies

View Currencies In A New Gold Window

View Currencies And Their Information In A New Scene

Add The Currency Scene To The Menu



Notice Any Errors?

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions for this script, feel free to comment them here or on my website, thanks!



Special Thanks:





Credit me (Euphoria) if you want to use this script. The rest of the terms of use are in the scripts header.



Download Here



Alternate Currency Shops

Edited by Euphoria

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Thank you! Do comment and let me know what you think about it, and if you have any suggestions/complaints/errors! Always happy to fix things up for people.

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You can just set a variable for that and work it through the script calls. Remove a fixed amount of yours and get the equivalent, rounded up.


Very clean script, though I was wondering about the steps required to change symbols into full icons. For instance, instead of $ € ¥ , I can use a bone icon or a crystal.

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I had setup an icon option. It was working before... but I'm not sure if I made any changes to it after that update. It's been months since I've even touched Ruby, since I'm focusing on C++ at the moment. Once my classes end though, I will most likely return to scripting, and an exchange script is something I've planned on coding (but using the method mentioned above should work until then).


If I have some extra time soon, I'll look into the icons! That is, if I have enough time to get readjusted to ruby... :P I'll let you know!

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How can I use this with yanfly's common event shop and learn skill engine. All seems to be not working whenever code I put between the <start> </finish>

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Loading bug.


So like player have

currency 2: 200 on his save, when loads the currency 2 resets to 0 and the player loses 200 on currency 2.

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