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Szyu's Recycling System

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Hey Folks,


I want to share my new script with you:


Szyu's Recycling System



This script allows you to define items, weapons and armors which can be recycled. This means they can be broken into other items, weapons or armors. For example you can recycle them to regain materials.


How to Use

To define an item as recycable, you first have to define an recycle area in the notes by surrounding your "materials" with <recycling> and </recycling>.

The interior of this region can be filled by those 3 formulas:
i: id, chance, amount

w: id, chance, amount

a: id, chance, amount

For example like this:
i: 3, 50%, 4
w: 1, 20, 1

So what does this block do?

First I define the recycling area by <recycling> and </recycling>.

Withing this area, I tell the game, that when I recycle the actual item, there is a 50% chance, that I gain 1 - 4 items of id 3

and that there is a 20% chance (note that you don't need the "%") to gain 1 weapon of id 1.


So I can control the chance the item will be recycled and what is the maximum amount of items that can be obtained in this process.




Note of a recycable item, weapon or armor



Recycling menu



Result message





Pastebin via Adfly (if you want to support me)



Credits to Szyu if you plan to use this script.

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