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Super AI for Enemies - Gamble Game

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Hi, so i'm making a gamble game.

Its battle rule is very simple, player & enemy bet money for which slots will be rolled out.

Say If i bet $5000 for x2 combo monkey slot & i win. Then i will damage 5000 x 2 (base on what combo i bet) = 10.000 dmg to enemy's money.

After 5 turns who has lesser money than another will lose, if one of players get lost all of they money that will make him lose immediately too.

Easy huh? Players can use some items for boosting & casting effects too..


I'm thinking how to make a smart, tough enemy :o

Do you guy have any ideas - I'm asking about idea not how to script :P

ex: If enemy's money is twice as much as player then it will stop betting & try to remain that difference :) 





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I'm not sure I understand. It sounds like you're calling HP money and saying that after the fifth turn, the side with the most money wins.


If you're asking how to make the enemy AI smarter, there are a few scripts that do that already. They basically let you put conditions into the enemy attacks. For instance, if the player is afflicted with State A then enemy does skill Z but, if player is buffed with Buff W and afflicted with State A then enemy does skill X.


If you're wanting ideas for how to make the enemy react then I think you'll first need to decide on what the player can do. How can the player make it so they have an advantage? Now decide what the enemy could do to react to that new advantage the player has. This really works both ways.


Do you have a list of tasks/skills the player can choose to do when in the gamble battle? Or could you maybe show an example of how you want this to work?

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Yeah yeah sorry for my bad english :P

The side with the most money wins, that what i want to say.

ok, I'll explain it in more detail.

As you can see in the picture below:


Imagine that you're gambling on a machine. That machine has 3 betting slots

Player & Enemy can bet 0 - all of their money at once

If as the pic above, i bet $5000 for

flower-flower-flower. Then result is flower-flower-chief

I get x 1.5 of my bet money ( because i had made a list of available group & double flower is one of them,

different groups give different multiple factors )

..... then i attack enemy with that amount of money :D that's it

In case my bet doesn't fit with any available group > I lose the bet money


Both player & enemy has 2 equipment slots: A & E

A is attack slot - When i active it, the item in this slot takes effect (ex: +10% to DMG, curse enemy with bad luck ... ) & be consumed

E is equipment slot - Give some boost, can't be active, can't be consumed (ex: +10 ATK, +5% LUK, +2% chance find rare Item ... )



Player has these choices of action:

- Bets money 

- Doesn't bet money & just wait

- Custom Items to bring into battle and use at any time

That's it. That's all :P

I can set enemy to bets randomly but that will make a silly enemy do you agree (- _ -)

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There is probably lots of game theory papers about this sort of thing, but I wonder if you could actually script a AI that learns as it plays... like you have a set of considerations and actions, and remember the set of actions taken for each set of considerations and prioritize the ones that lead to the most profit in the past?

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