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Szyu's Timed States



With this script you can create states, which trigger skills on their expiration/removal (turn based). You can, for example, make a time bomb, which triggers an explosion after 4 rounds.



How to Use

<timed: skill_id>

<timed: skill_id1, skill_id2, ..., skill_idn>


This little note in a state specifies it to trigger the given skills, after it expires. The time, or amount of turns, until it triggers those skills is set in the "Removal Condition" of the state:




Here the state expires after 3 rounds and will then trigger the skill with id 129.





Pastebin via Adf.ly if you want to support me
Pastebin direct


Mediafire via Adf.ly

Mediafire direct




Credits to Szyu if you plan to use this script.





- Fixed a target problem. Now all state triggers should affect the proper target

- Fixed problem when multiple battlers trigger their timed state. Now all timed states occur

- Uploaded new script (pastebin) and demo (mediafire)

Edited by Szyu

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Just tried it out in both the demo and my game (Which uses Yea battle engine) and in both runs the state works as intended and proceeds to activate the note tagged skilled, however, If you have your character learn the skill that causes the state, it will attack as normal and hit the enemy with the state, but when it explodes, the player is hit instead. The scope is set to hit "One enemy".  Again, this happened in both runs. Is this normal?


Edit: If I switch the flame explosions scope to "The User" it works in that it hits the enemy after the state expires, but it also causes an error with one of the other scripts I'm using that's related to summoning actors in battle.  I won't ask for a compatibility patch, but my real question is, was this intended just for enemy use? Because again, it works perfectly fine if an enemy uses it, but not so much the player.

Edited by MHRob

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Hey you two, thank you for your feedback.

I fixed the targeting problem. Everything should work fine now.



For your problem with the actor summoning I have to know which script you are using. Then I know which methods are used and could work on a compatibility fix

Edited by Szyu

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Interesting script!

I notice you used force action to perform the skill apply.

Let me check that out with my battle system script. I can sense something awesome there



The result is indeed awesome. Check this out http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/383/entry-1230-tsbs-dev-journal-4-timed-bomb/

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Well, if you really don't mind trying to create a compatibility patch, then here's the link to the topic with the summoning script that I use (The only one that works with all the other scripts I have so far).




Post #8 has the link to the script. I tried the updated version of your script and the same error persists, so it's definitely a compatibility issue with that script, unfortunately.


Scratch that. I decided to remove the summoning script all together since it's causing more compatibility issues with another script that I've been wanting to add to my game for a while and at the same time, your script works as intended without the summoning script in place, so it's all good now. Thanks for the support nonetheless, Szyu.

Edited by MHRob

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Um..I dont know if you're still here but uh...there's something that's kind of a problem that I..uh..need to report. I tried testing the "Deathmark" skill from an enemy using this script. For the most part it works but at the same time it doesn't even want to affect the intended target.


For example: the Deathmark skill hits Party Member #4, but it affects Party Member #3 instead. Even when he/she is not in the party. I've also tested this in a test game..same result.

Seems to be a bug of some sort

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