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Items Class Restriction

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Szyu's Items Class Restriction



Easily specify items, weapons and armors, which can only be used/equipped by certain classes



How to Use

An item's note have to contain one of these:
<classes: x> # This will allow specified classes to use this item
<!classes: x> # This will forbit specified classes to use this item
Seperate multiple classes with ','!
Allowed Database Items, which can be restricted by this script:
- Items
- Weapons
- Armors
If There is none of those tags in the items note, every class is permitted to use or equip this item!
Same goes wie <actors: x> and <!actors> for restricting items, weapons and armors for actors.



Pastebin via Adf.ly if you want to support me
Pastebin direct




Credits to Szyu if you plan to use this script.



- Fixed problem when the player's party's size is larger than 1

- Added function for restricting by actors

- Fixed bug where actors and classes could use restricted items in battle

Edited by Szyu

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I can definately see the use for this with just items. Weapons and armors can already be done via the game and just adding in more terms and what not. Either ways, thanks for the script. Now if anyone ever wanted a robot to only drink an oil item and not a human character, well, they basically can, using your script.


Thanks for sharing!

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Would this script work to say, create a negative impact if a specific class used a certain item?


Party: Archer, Warrior, Zombie, Dog
Item: Potion
Effect: Heal 20hp
Problem: Zombie is undead. Zombie would be hurt by health potion. 

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No this script will not allow something like this. It just prohibits usage/equiping by specific classes.

But this is a good idea for a script.. Think I will be uploading the new one soon ;)

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This scripts reminds me during rm2k3 where items can only be used by certain class or actors. It's brings back memories

Though in the game already been provided by database and class/actor section, if just ACTOR and actor can't equip this or that and needs that class in order to equip it :)

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