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Euphoria - Enemy Interaction

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Enemy Interaction V1.0

by Euphoria








Enemy Interaction gives you the ability to designate enemies that can be talked to, or have items given to, or both! You can then setup results for each user action. Talking to the enemy may just give you the enemies reply, or it may also add a buff to the enemy (buff is just an example. Debuffs, states, skills, and enemy escapes can also be used!). You can set up the item an enemy wants from you, and setup results upon giving the enemy the right item, maybe the enemy will go away? Or if you give the enemy the wrong item a third result can occur. Maybe the enemy get's angry and a buff to it's attack is added? Who knows? It's all up to you.




Talk Command In Battle

Give Item Command In Battle

Set Enemy's Response To The Talk Command

Set Enemy's "Wanted Item"

Set Resulting Actions For Then Enemy Upon Different Circumstances



Notice Any Errors?

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions for this script, feel free to comment them here or on my website, thanks!




Credit me (Euphoria) if you want to use this script. The rest of the terms of use are in the scripts header.



Download Here

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I cant help to remdmber Persona 1 and 2 Demon Contacts xD Seems really useful, will try to implement this on my game ^~^ Thanks Euphy :)

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Would there be any way to re-arrange the battle commands so that they don't appear always on top, or at least hide the talk and give commands once after using them in battle? Just a suggestion. Am currently trying to find a way to make them work only once per battle.

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After using the commands, I don't think I know of a way to remove them. They only appear in the command list, right now, if an alive enemy is tagged with the interact options. The only other option for moving the commands would be to place them at the bottom, that is unless I were to overwrite the actor commands method, which would make the script less compatible.

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I understand, and appreciate the reply. It's all good. Just wanted to know if it was possible or not. Again, thanks for sharing the script. Will most likely use it for bosses or unique enemies or something. Battle add-ons are always nice to have.

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