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XS - Icon Equip

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Icon Equip

Version: 1.0d

This will be the last Icon script I think... Anyways, just like Icon Skills, Icon Items etc this one changes the equipment scene to display icons as equipment instead of the name. Same features as the previous scripts.


  • Icons as equipment! (See more at screenshot how it looks like)
  • The ability to display/hide name, amount, help icon etc.
  • Categories for each equipment which you setup in the note field.
  • Each category changes the background color of each equipment.
  • Compatible with XS - Inventory Weight, XS - Item Durability and XS - Equip Requirements.
  • And more!




How to Use
Instructions how to use it can be find inside the script.
To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below Materials but above Main. Remember to save.

Get the script here.

Released 1.0d. Fixed a bug if XS - Equip Requirements wasn't installed.

Do credit me, Nicke, if you are planing on using this script. Thanks.
Can be use in a commercial project.

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:rolleyes: You sure are good people Niclas...

This is a fine and great script :D

Anyway, Good job! ^_^


:ph34r: -odd boy- :ph34r:

Edited by odd boy

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Your work is amazing, congratulations

Just one problem with this script: when you highlight an unequiped gear, it doesn't show the stat differences and when you equip it, it doesn't show the stats changes.

I hope I was able to help :)

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