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Hello Community,

Today i want to give you a free RPGM Game i developed in roughly ~7 hours of work. It is called "The power of a wish" and it is referring to a video with the same name in TMC#2. Its gameplay is about 15-20 minutes depending on your playstyle even faster. I used alot of premade stuff and focused on what i wanted to do, which was telling a story, or more rather a lesson, something to think about. So my main work consisted of creating the events and dialogues for the story to be told. Since my vacation ends soon and then it'll be my last school year i didn't make a bigger game, but after school i will create a big project for sure.

Please understand that this is neither a top notch game nor something sou would acctually refer to as a real "game". Also keep in mind that i havent put as much work into details here since it was a fast project to try out RPGM for my first time^^ Anyway i'm glad if someone wants to play it and trys it out.


(Main-)Character description:

Master Player is a young adventurer who whises to be strong like his friends, however he is just too weak (from his point of view). But one day that shall change...















//Finished playing it! It was nice and it really gives you a reason to rethink your goals in Tibia or Real life. I came to the conclusion that friendship and family is more important than power.

- Abyss_


war echt ganz cool gemacht die Idee dahinter ist geil.

- Abyss_


I just played your game, short but nice story.

You should really make something out of this whenever you got time for it.

- HalfAway



- Ympker

- RPG MAKER VX ACE (standard tiles and resources of RPGM VX ACE used)


DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/za4c4pxapfs7a15/PowerOfAWish_SETUP_EN.exe?dl=0





Security Reports:

- Norton was reported to pretend a false-positive.


Bug Reports :

- The "Truthseeker" say "TE" instead of "THE".


Kind Regards,


Edited by Ympker

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