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Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.0 - Wish English Translation v1.2d

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Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.00

Wish English Translation + Improved Demo v1.1


Original Script and Author: Enu (http://rpgex.sakura.ne.jp/home/material/)

Translator: Wishdream (http://wishdream.org/)

Version: Script v1.00 / Translation v1.2d

Type: Battle System / Battle Engine


WARNING: This script is not for beginners.

I will try to support though if there are problems in the system.


This script is not plug-and-play. Advanced users only.

If you are new to RMVXA, please use Theo SBS instead.

No instructions will be provided on how to install.



This is a separate translation from there, you can choose either one.
I will not support Journey here though.


This thread is for my version of the translation and improved plugins, skills and demos. Exploiting it's advantages and possible techniques. Also incoming patches to existing systems as well. This also keeps many of the original formatting and a bit extended documentation for clarification, formatting to be easier in the eyes and small tweaks has been added.



Greetings and salutations, I'm Wishdream. You may know me before as Issa from my Tankentai Animation Shop, or probably Xeol from my old projects.


I've been wondering for quite a while why there isn't any actual translation of the Tankentai system, all I've seen is instructions to make it work. So I did what I did, a 100% translation of the system. Not exactly useful without documentation, so I took my time to translating this.


I understand that this script is also not translated because it is recognized for it's ease of use but a lot of those people cannot use it to the extent of using it on it's fullest potential. For that, I shall be releasing support of this IMMEDIATELY. So I will repeat my warnings, advanced users only.


Otherwise, I hope this proves to be helpful to the users who are still interested in this.


It is not required that you credit Enu, but for those who are using my translation please at least credit my work. Along with Enu most likely if you are using the system.


Important Note: This is a sideview battle system, sideview as in any direction sideview. See examples of this in the screenshots.



  • Custom animated battler per character
  • In-Battle script execution
  • Free format battler sprite
  • Built-In Damage Counter
  • Sequential pattern or single cell battler sequence
  • Battle camera
  • Image transitions
  • Background, foreground, sound programming
  • The rest, check it out for yourself.


  • v1.1 - All Actions, Programs, Full Actions, Skills and Animations Translated
  • v1.0 - Start of Project, All Documentation Translated


Demo Version








Original Japanese Version









Coming Soon... Currently Editing



Script Dropbox Folder



  • Basic Demo: Download Here
  • Improved Demo (Re-created Basic + Tweaks): Coming Soon...
  • Extra Demo (Improv +Different Battle Templates[Not Kaduki] + Skill Improvements): Coming Soon...
  • Wishdream Demo (Wishdream's Skill Demo + Extra): Coming Soon...




Q: High Compatibility Rate?

A: Most likely it will, but is untested, test it out yourself to figure it out.


Q: Different battlers per character?

A: You can use all kinds of different formats with each character, heck you can mix Kaduki, 2k3, Minkoff and even Holder's

in one game, but in order to do that, you'll have to figure it out yourself.


Q: So, that goes along with enemies right?

A: Yep. But just like the above, you'll have to figure it out and experiment.


Q: Is this script compatible with...

A: One way to find out? I can't really help you if it doesn't. Try, experiment, debug.


Q: You're so mean because you won't help.

A: Well, I already told you that it's for advanced users and it does not have any support so you can't really call on me on that.





Author's Note:

Before I leave you guys, if you are new and really want to use this, I encourage you to test, debug and experiment.

Otherwise, well... check out Theo's instead, it's much more better to understand and easier to use so go try that out.

Have fun!


- Wishdream

Edited by Wishdream

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amazing script !

is there any way to insert animated battlers ?


Excluding the "VxAce_SP1" there are other 3 scripts in this battle system.

The 2nd one is for settings battlers e database.

at the beginning of that script there is "define max_pattern"

subsitite the line

return [ 1, 1] if id < 0


return [ 3, 4] if id < 0

and you'll we able to use normal charset as battlers (but the battler charset must be a singolar one (like "$Snape", for example) and must be on battlers folder

in the same way under these lines you can set ut shadow, equipment, etc...





the dropbox folder has 2 "battler setup" script, also if one is called "action setup"

Edited by ShidoLionheart

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the dropbox folder has 2 "battler setup" script, also if one is called "action setup"


Thanks for telling me, got it fixed.

Internet will be out so any updates won't happen for a while. Shouldn't take long. A week or so.

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Sorry for double posting, but this is a thread update.

Now that I finally am back from double shift work. Here's a small update, I recently made a move to GitHub and all my script updates will be there.
Also the updated script file for 1.2d is there. The base demo is not updated yet though, so check it out there~!



Also, I am now allowing support in this thread!

And if you have problems in the system, there's the issues part in GitHub right over here: https://github.com/influxWishdream/takentai-ace/issues

But issues in this thread is appreciated as well.

Edited by Wishdream

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