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Izumo Extender v2.0.2.1 by Katty Script

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Alright, just want to make one thing clear. This is sort of an underground translation; I don't have official permission from the author to translate it. I have sent her an email, but that was two weeks ago and I've still receied no reply. I'm going ahead with releasing this, but if she were to request me to take it down, I will.


The original site this tool is from is Katty Script, and the author calls herself katty. I did not make this tool, I merely translated it and edited the GUI to make it look better.


Now that we're clear on that, let me introduce you to a scripting tool called the Extender tool. It's a little tough for a non-scripter like myself to explain what it does, but the gist of it is that it lets you create an XML file with a GUI, then automatically creates .rvdata2 files from that XML file and generates a script for you in your RMVXA project (It's compatible with RMVX as well). I've included two documents in the zip file, one explaining what it does and another with a short tutorial on making your own table.


For those of you who're firmly in the camp of 'No pics no clix', here's a screenshot:




Now, the translation might not be perfect since I have little scripting knowledge and sometimes you need context (Especially with the Japanese language). Please report any translation issues to me so I can fix them.


This tool comes with a sample project for RMVXA that aims to remake the system from the SaGa games, also made by katty and translated by me. There is the Flash/Inspiration skill learning system, a Life Point system, a sideview battle system and a unique way of discovering locations on the world map. Be sure to check it out to see how you can use the tool.


You can report bugs if you want, but since I didn't code the thing I will have NO idea how to fix it. Hopefully someone else can.


With all that out of the way, here's the download link:






  • Katty Script - For making the tool and the sample project.
  • Kirin - Me, for translating it. It was NOT easy, I had to decompile the program and edit the strings from within its core parts, then recompile it back into a working EXE. Fun though.
  • Nelderson - For encouraging me in my translation.
  • IceDragon - For helping out with some basic decompiling issues.
  • Tensei - For helping me out with basic decompiling issues and translations.


P.S.: I'm posting this in the Complete RGSS3 Scripts forum since it's a tool much like SwapXT. If the staff thinks this belongs, elsewhere, please feel free to move it.

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Um, so correct me if I'm wrong, but basically with this everyone can become a scripter THE EASY way?

If so....Awesome!! :D

I'll start messing with this thing right away :)

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Nope. You still need to know the basics of how to script. An easy way of explaining this is:


This lets you organize stuff. You still need to know what to do with that stuff.

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Aww, well it was too good to be true :D

Anyway, kudos to you for taking your time to translate it, I'm guessing people will find this useful... though I would not know since I'm not a scripter :D

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This looks interesting, though I think .NET Framework 4 hates me outdated PC or something.

That said, the most interesting bit to this for me personally is that side view system though a glance at the coding goes waaaaaaaay over my head. x.x

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For all those looking to find the original, the link in the OP goes nowhere, as expected.

I expect that the Dropbox link is broken and that Mediafire will eventually drop this item too because they've been purging a lot of old files lately.

I've chosen to keep a copy of this for archival purposes.

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