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Hey guys! Here's where I'll be stuffing keeping a bit of my artwork. 😅
Feel free to take a look and/or leave a comment! Just no using or reposting without my permission, and all of that good stuff.

-> Digital Drawings:


-> Pixel Art (Animated):


-> Pixel Art (Static):

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Yup, and thanks!! Here's a few I've done since then:


AoDfwsz.png HBCrwAW.pngmlGw7ef.png


I experimented with a softer shading technique for the last one!  :)

Your softer shading technique paid off really well with the last one. Has excellent blending, and looks very clean. +5 to that.

-1 for the underpants guy though. That made my day. XD

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Awww dang! I've been missing out on your fantastic work!!! :D Looking great, Amy, you sure know how to make chibi/cartoony stuff. :D I can honestly say your style is one of my favourites out of cleanest and detailed yet still adorable :D hehe


I know your last post is a little different from your regular work, is that another style you're good at? Or is it just for fun? ^~^

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Actually, Spectre, I had seen that but what I meant was in comparison to the chibi stuff I've normally seen her do (not her realistic work) but I went for a snoop around last night and found that she does cartoon and chibi :D so case closed yup yup!

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Y'all are so sweet ;u; *hugs*


@Knighterius: Thanks so much! The style I used in my last post is one I just made up a few days ago. I'm liking how it looks so far :)


@Spectre: Oooh~ That sounds interesting, and thanks! 


@BluMiu: I hope so! I think I've improved quite a bit since I started. :3 I just opened my chibi shop, but I'm also cool with art trades if you want one xD


Here's a few more drawings I hadn't added yet:

5r1eyRk.png h5eMzmk.gif  QY694Z2.gif Ubwu7L1.png  zaTlA3c.png  qhZtajd.png  OTliFDk.png ZNQsaP7.png

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Not sure if I should say that your artwork looks absolutely adorable, or you look adorable... well, both, then.

Seriously, that is some very gorgeous work with the shading, and if I may say so myself, you look simply stunning. Somehow, I imagine you'd look excellent in a womens' bpwler hat (then again I suggested a summer hat for Bugs, hahaha).


Could try darkening up the hair on the left side, and straightening up the eye a little to add symmetry to the face, but I don't really have a complaint about the shading style. That is simply beautiful (as with yourself, ma cherie. Now where are my flowers?!).

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Aiiieee I love how you get them to blink >w< The details on this last one are really intricate, too! Wah owo I think it's a nice one to end the year on ^-^ ~


Out of curiosity, how do you get the chibi to blink? You draw each 'frame,' right? But then how do you stitch it into a moving image? o.o

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D'awww -thanks!


When I want a chibi to blink, I draw and shade the chibi as normal (with the lineart, base colors, and shading in separate layers), then duplicate the lineart layer and draw the separate frames. After that, I go back and adjust the shading as needed for each frame. 


To make the finished .gif, I save the image with each layer in the correct order as a .psd, and open it in Photoshop. From there, I go to Window -> Animation, and turn each layer into a frame. After that I set the amount of delay for each frame, then save the file as a .gif using the Save for Web & Devices option. :)


Let me know if you've got any more questions ^_^

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