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The Great Fortune


A game by RGB Gamer's Club



This is my first game! Please give some feedback! :lol:  









The Great Fortune is a game on  the 3 most fun topics,


mystery, comedy, adventure. It's gone into the 50/100 finished stage.






You are a archaeologist in the mysterious mountain range called the Kirola Range in a Island. everything is fine with it as it is a major tourist spot, because of it’s aesthetic value.  but something’s going on inside the ruins of the ancient civilization of the Kirola Mountains. You set to put a full stop to the mystery of it with your friend Aaron and your senior Dr. Sanfore.





Main Characters








You are the main protagonist in The Great Fortune. you are a brilliant archaeologist with a keen mind but 


a little childish.








Aaron is your friend who is also a archaeologist. he is very childish and loud in nature.


sometimes he is very tough. he is trained in martial arts.










Dr.Sanfore is your senior whois always cheerful and smiling. he is very knowledgeable in


ancient languages, things and other matters.




Kirola Prince




He was denied the throne by his magician father because he was very evil in nature before 3000 years.


He is well versed in Dark Magic and is out of Magical Energy in the past 100 years.








The loyal servant of the Kirola Prince. He is very patient in nature and has


some Dark Magic left.














'The Great Fortune v1.4
Whole game was proofread.
maps were redesigned with new tilesets.
Kirola mountain was remodeled.
More ruins were added &
Doors were added in ruined city.

The Great Fortune v1.3
Ruins were added.
tools and puzzles were added.
dialogues replaced and refined.
Forest way was added

The Great Fortune v1.2
More maps were added.
dialogues were refined.

The Great Fortune v1.1
release version







 -Futuristic tiles

 -Modern day tiles










 Victor Sant




 Special Thanks to 



Bitter bug






for your invaluable feedback.



The Demo and Website



RGB Gamers Club website: http://rgbgameworks.wordpress.com

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Hi Krish! I've tried out your game and I notice a couple of errors in some areas...


- When I tried to talk to the first npc character when I left the room, it instantly gave me an error message.

- much of the areas in the first village map had a lot of invisible collisions, and throughout the other areas as well.

- This is where I stopped playing because I really didn't know what to do, when I tried to break the rocks using the pickaxe, it didn't do anything, even when I tried to use it on the menu, it didn't have much of an effect.


For now, I do like the idea and concept so far , but I felt that you overlooked or you didn't have time to test some of the things to notice those errors I mentioned. For now I recommend that you test your game out so that those little errors don't show up. :)

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I didn't even make it that far. o.o I tried though...


EDIT: However, the idea is brilliant. Just for me your maps and events need a lot of work.

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Hey Krish!  Just checked out your demo.  Obviously you're still working the kinks out so there's no reason to go into detail with everything because they'll get smoothed out in the future I'm sure.  However, I would like to say besides for the error popping up when you talk to Daniel, everything else went smooth.  There were some small hiccups here and there with collision but I loved the maps.  You started off in a room to get familiar, moved onto a longer hallway (which, by the way, I enjoyed how you didn't have to check out every single door in order to progress the story.  That's just my opinion, but I hate when there's a million doors to choose from and you automatically feel overwhelmed) , then finally outside and into town.  You had the story progress before reaching town so I'm interested to see where it's leading with the

masked man after Aaron left.

.  If I some how miss the update, send me a PM so I can check out further installments please.

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