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YEA Victory Aftermath addon - Icon as Arrow

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Required script : Yanfly Victory Aftermath


Have you ran into a problem where if you want to use custom font and suddenly the right arrow '→' didn't render correctly in Yanfly Victory Aftermath?


Sample image



One of the way is to lock your dream up and use another font that supports right arrow. But hey, there's an alternative actually. You can easily replace the right arrow character with any icon you have. Now the result would be like this




All you need to do is just plug this script below Yanfly Victory Aftermath

class Window_VictoryLevelUp
  IconIndex = 140
  def draw_arrows
    dx = contents.width / 2 - 12
    dy = 0
    for i in 0..8
      draw_icon(IconIndex, dx, dy)
      dy += line_height

No credit required. I just sharing my little snippet

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This is awesome, I was having this issue with one of my little projects, but didn't want to change the font (plus I really don't understand how to change fonts scene to scene).


This is much nicer, and easier to use :)

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