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Effects! Why so hard ... >.< HELP!

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So after get a lots of ideas for monsters. Now i come up with effects for them .... T.T

After few days squeezed my tiny brain.. this is all what i have:


Make enemy weaker

-HP / turn

-ATK / turns


Make enemy unmovable



Absorb enemy’s life

<> HP

Push Back

Push enemy backward

Pull Over

Pull enemy forward

Turn Into Black Hole

Suicide and turn into black hole, swallow anything in 1x1 around


Stick on another monster, cause prolonged effects, can’t realease until the host is dead, at that time the parasite is dying too






Stick on another ally, cause prolonged effects, can’t realease until the host is dead, at that time the symbiotic is dying too





Suicide and some how explode fiercely, cause damage to nearby monsters

-HP / range

Invoked Ritual

Suicide to replace itself with a dead ally & revive him



Cure bad wounds for allies

+ HP



Swap position with another ally


- Adjacent ally


Hiding to avoid enemy’s attacks

+ AVOID / turns


Transform into the attacker


Any help, plz - _ - ! Oh and i'm doing a tactic game


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Whatever happened to 'toad' from the early FF games?

Aggro also seems like a good addition for a tactical game; CC and all that.


Also, while not an additional move, you could get more variety out of your current moves by altering range; So, considering chess, a piece could heal diagonally like the bishop, linear like a rook, or in a surrounding area like the king. Now you have three healers better equipped to dealing with different maps/scenarios (this is especially true if you're planning obstructions on said maps).

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If you could program it, condemn/death sentence where you have a timer that counts down to death might be interesting.  It sounds like a tactical game so there are probably more movement effects you could do. Maybe a passive effect like the built in substitute effect except it swaps the party member you cast it on with the caster right before they get hit, or a passive effect where you do that with any party member next to you. Or a spell you can cast to swap with an enemy. You could could make an effect where you can jump over and damage a lot of enemies in a similar way that you capture in checkers, or have chain lightning spells that jump from unit to nearby unit.


Of course there are lots of skills you could do that simple differed by having different odd targeting patterns. I remember there was one game I played that had a particular powerful square that could only hit one square that was exactly four squares in front of you. And other games where you had cross shaped target areas, lines, cones, circles, squares, and other very odd ones. Heck, just look at Live-a-live sometime for a good example, as each skill seems to have it's own completely unique target area shape, some which let you only pick out one square in that target area, some that hit an area around the square you picked, and some I think hit every square in the area.

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