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Ace Shop Options Add-on - Items States

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Hello dear friends.


I'm not a programmer, and do not know ruby, and generally only start to understand rgss3 and of course i don't know english very well.


But i didn't found similar script and my friend help me with my first steps.


Here a bit modification for the Ace Shop Options:


9Acsggy.png   8uNDJZ7.png


5BAf2KT.png   RvOpAnJ.png   




As you see, my modification has added six additional slots with colored information (red - bad, green good) about item.


Information was taken from section features and show only first six kinds:




Unfortunately limitation is due to the small screen, but you can certainly improve the script yourself.


Script also has support colorizing with Hime Item Rarity


Should you find any errors, inaccuracies or improvement, then I will gladly listen to them.

Ace Shop Options Add-on - Items States.txt

Edited by Mur

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Looks nice. o3o


Thanks!  ^_^

Small update.


Gold window has moved under commands list.

Added help window location by "Ace Menu Engine". Now you can move his to the top, middle or bottom:


mFhV5Sv.png  V7WyacG.png




Renamed to the — "Ace Shop Item Features Add-On"

Ace Shop Item Features Add-On v2.txt

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