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Anvil Studio. Freeware for midi composing

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First post in developing tools yay ~

I wanna introduce to you a powerful freeware to compose midi. I've been using this software since 2009 and I'm pretty familiar with it.

Link : http://anvilstudio.com


It also support for making custom loop point midi to work with RPG Maker. There's tutorial for it, though the tutorial is already gone I guess. I will make one if you want. It's not that hard.


If you want to take a look how it's looked like? Here's my fast music composing using this software



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Ahh yes Anvil Studio:rolleyes:  I've been using that since back in 2008/2009 myself. Good piece of freeware kit. :lol:
There's also some MIDI to MP3 conversion software or alternatively use some of the various conversion sites on google. ^_^

I find that handy if and when i need it.

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