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Rules - please read

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This area is for you all to arrange contests and submit challenges to other members.
There are a few additional rules that apply here (on top of the normal forum rules)
1) Any one can set up a challenge/contest.
However we would appreciate it if they are set out clearly, with rules and additional information in the first post. If you offer prizes please make sure they are distributed as promised,
If you set a challenge/contest. , you are responsible for keeping the thread updated, please report a thread when you want a mod to close it.
2) If you offer prizes (or enter a completion that offers prizes), any disputes regarding distribution must be dealt with by the parties concerned.
Forum staff will will continue to monitor these threads to ensure forum rules are being followed, but won't intervene or deal with complaints in regards to how a contest is run, how winners are selected, and disputes over prizes.

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