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Key Item Trigger Labels

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This script is an add-on for Event Trigger Labels. It allows you to assign key items as trigger labels, allowing you to use key items to trigger events. You can add multiple key item triggers to an event, each with their own set of responses.


By pressing a button of your choice, the player can bring up a key item selection window that will list all of the key items currently in the inventory. The player can then select a key item, and any events in front of the player that can be triggered by the item will execute.


Rather than creating static events that will ask you whether you wish to use a certain item, or simply check whether the item is in the inventory and proceed to run the appropriate logic, you can challenge the player to figure out when and where an item should be used.


Get it at HimeWorks!

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This isn't a new script from you or is it?

I am using this since 2013. :D


Or did you separated your scripts? I should really update your scripts in my project. :D


And of course, thanks for all of your scripts! They make eventing a piece of cake! :)

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I've separated different types of trigger labels into separate scripts and have re-factored the base script to make it more compatible and efficient. for example, it no longer checks for events every frame now, since I've implemented a check for whether any key was pressed.

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