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hud HP HUD via Common Events

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HP/MP HUD via Events

[sorry If I skip something]

The tutorial explains HP HUD same applies to MP HUD


||-----------------------------------------------Here We GO !!--------------------------------------------------||



*This can be applied to your game if there is no Level UP, and static HP.

For the given example I'm using VX Ace and My Player's Health is 1000. And his name is Eric.

[ -> Means Sub Conditional Branch And Enter (Space Between Lines Means New Conditional Branch) ]


Yaa one can create a HUD just by events but it'll be a lil bit complex. To make It lil easy do it by common event and when your game starts, Make a switch ex - GameStart = ON and the condition for common events is GameStart  = ON and set it to parallel process...... like this you can make HUD visible/disappear at any point of your game.


For HP HUD -


Make a transparent image in Photoshop of your game size, mine is 640*480 pixels.

Make a Health meter in any corner of the image you want the HUD to be

The fill the center with RED color on a new layer for for life bar.

Save the image as HP100 or as you prefer.

Divide the life bar into 10 parts.

Now as you Save HP90 hide a part of life bar to make it appear less.

Now as You go to HP80, HP70, HP6 etc do this till HP0.


Like This Sorry for the ultra lazy work






Now in Common Events Make a Variable CharacterHealth

In Variable operation Set CharacterHealth = Eric's HP


Now its time for conditional brainching,-

Conditional Branch If Variable CharacterHealth=1000

Erase Picture=1

Show Picture = HP100 as 1


Conditional Branch If Variable CharacterHealth<1000

->Conditional Branch If Variable Character health>900

Erase Picture=1

ShowPicture = HP90 as 1


Conditional Branch If Variable CharacterHealth<900

->Conditional Branch If Variable Character health>800

Erase Picture=1
ShowPicture = HP80 as 1


Conditional Branch If Variable CharacterHealth<800

->Conditional Branch If Variable Character health>700

Erase Picture=1

ShowPicture = HP70 as 1


Conditional Branch If Variable CharacterHealth<700

->Conditional Branch If Variable Character health>600

Erase Picture=1

ShowPicture = HP60 as 1



Like This go on till you Reach ShowPicture = HP0

If you have any problem feel free to ask me  :)

If you think I was helpfull and liked it feel free to credit.

Edited by Tejas

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