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The Emperor

rmvx-ace Joey Winn’s Quest

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RMVX-Ace: Joey Winn’s Quest




Content Warning

  • Deals with mature themes such as suicide, grave robbing, and murder.

  • Believe it or not there is no sex in this game, boyfriends with massive manifestos, or cheating.



  • Humor/Satire (Particularly skewered #Gamergate, Social Justice Warriors, Game Design)


Average Game Time

  • 1 - 6 Hours (Your decisions dramatically alter gameplay and will have an impact on the amount of time it take to finish the game.)



  • You are Joey Winn, a struggling indie game designer trying to get her game Suicide Adventures into the Stream Shop. Unfortunately the trolls of Sorcerer Chan, MeTube, and The Dimension of Four Chans will stop at nothing to destroy you and your game. It’s up to you to defeat these vile forces, save the gaming community, and become the successful game developer you deserve to be.



  • No Rails: Explore the world freely! There’s no set way this game needs to be played.

  • Your Choices Matter: The world will react and change based on your choices. New enemies may appear, items may disappear, all based on what you choose to do.

  • Three Endings: Which are pretty similar… but somehow are different. Beat the game by either crushing all opposition, coming up with peaceful solutions, or work really hard on Joey Winn’s game.

  • No Random Encounters: You will see your enemies coming and will be able to react. None of this walking around and suddenly you’re fighting stuff. You will see them coming.

  • Fight Against Impossible Odds: Face enemies such as Manchildren and Flamers.

  • Four Challenge Bosses: Those odds weren’t impossible enough? Then fight the Leaders of the Four Chans, four optional bosses of pure pain.

  • No Need To Fight: Of course if fighting isn’t your thing, . This game can be passed without ever engaging in combat.

  • Puzzles: Don’t worry, we have some mind blowing puzzles for you to solve if combat isn’t enough!

  • Yanfly Combat System: It beautiful, it's solid, it’s Yanfly.

  • Glorious RTP Graphics: Yes it’s RTP graphics, but it’s RTP graphics used masterfully. Witness corpses litter rooms, animated lights, and strange dimensions.

  • Secrets!: Tons of secrets and easter eggs. How many are in the game you ask? It’s a secret! (Seriously, there really is a lot).



  • Freely travel throughout the gaming community!

  • Sorcerer Chan Tower: Delve into the dark basement and find the horror that awaits.

  • MeTube Castle: A place where great fortunes and danger await.

  • And of course, the twisted Dimension of the Four Chans.



  • Joey Winn: An intrepid indie game designer trying to get her game, Suicide Adventures, into the Stream Shop.

  • Flip Poisson A successful indie game designer and Joey’s friend. Uses the power of guilt to defeat his foes.

  • Grey Son: A freelance reporter dedicated to reporting on the events of this world and sees something special in Joey. Master of one shot attacks that do massive damage.

  • Butt Tweets: Joey’s friend who is dedicated to stamping out misogyny throughout the world. As good with healing as she is with stabbing.

  • Web Noble: The infamous leader of MeTube who is trying to destroy Grey Son.

  • Skullday: Burned by claims of copyright infringement, Skullday has returned to take his revenge!

  • Vee: An insidious weapon being created through the unholy alliance of The Dimension of Four Chans and Five Young Communists.

  • X, The Fortune Teller: For the low low price of $50.00, this Fortune Teller can give you the tips you desperately want.




Download the Winzip Version: Here


Download the Self-Extracting exe file Here (Warning Chrome users may have trouble downloading this

as it might be confused with a virus.


Edit: Whoops goofed and put that into the title for some reason. Tags should be good now. :) On to masterpiece theater.!








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