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Novels or Short Stories

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With lives becoming busier and consumed with commuting to work or absorbed in work, activities, how much time do we have for

hobbies such as reading? I know America's educational system continues to slip and more children are passed along rather

than given attention, I know from experience and some research that English is one area that is hit the hardest. So many

make it to college and yet have an underdeveloped reading level and I wonder if that plays a factor into the issue as well.

Just how much do we read and when we do, what do we have time for?


Are short stories immediate in gratification or format more appealing or do novels pull you in with detail and depth? I've had

relatives and acquintances say that they have a hard time focusing for a period of time, thus reading anything beyond a few

pages becomes challenging? Do short stories supplement that for you as a reader or not an issue? Maybe longer chapters

seem to drag on instead of getting to the height of the event and lose you.


What are gents and ladies thoughts and opinions on this? Which do you prefer and why?

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