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Brackev is right... I would probably break that up into two or three (possibly four) different transition areas.

The only other thing I could think of that you could do as far as MAPPING that thing would be to create an excessively large map that is as big as you want it to be; example in the Spoiler.




* Not sure if you can see the text well, but it says note the small blue transparent dots, those are used as an example for you if you decided to create the map with different transfer areas instead of one giant map.


Note the zoom on the map in the RPG Maker engine.. I'm zoomed WAY out and the Parallax image I have imported into the engine is still massively huge! You could always plop a drawn up 'map' into your particular map you are wanting it for and make it extremely large and then use that as a basis for outlining your map. Then you could always remove it from Parallax (or the game itself) once you are finished. Make sense?

Btw, that map is basically 130x80 and the image turned out to being roughly 4165x2548 -just- for that section.


And here is an example of a portion of that map re-created in the engine to give you an idea of how large just one section of the map would look in the engine if you used it as a parallax for guidance, try and guess which area... ;)






Excuse the bad looking map... but it at least shows you how large of a map you are actually looking at if you wanted to draw up the entire thing... just doing one small section of the map that I exampled with transition area's in it would be large enough in some cases.


I hope we have helped you out @onewingedangel, good luck!

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