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Puzzle Party



Genre: Puzzler / Minigames

Average Game Time: For full completion, about 2 hours. For a single puzzle, a few minutes.




This game contains various puzzles (35 levels total) and minigames (5 in total) for you to play! By completing a level, you'll gain Prize Tickets which you can exchange for Picto's (collectible pictures), a saying from an old (crazy) wise man or a performance at the theatre. This game is meant to be light-hearted and fun game when you've got a few minutes to kill and doesn't have a specific goal for the player to reach.

You'll play as Skelly, the puzzle-solving skeleton.




Skelly at the carnival, where you can choose which puzzle to solve:


Solving two puzzles: Ice Slide and Switches & Bridges:


A performance at the theatre:


Filling the Picto Album:





-Contains the following puzzles (each has 5 levels with increasing difficulty): Arrows, Chicken Chase, Find the Fire, Ice Slide, Maze, Rock Pushing and Switches & Bridges.

-Contains the following minigames: Calculations, Light or Dark, Monster Quiz, Prize Maze and Storytelling.

-Collect up to 45 different Picto's in your Picto Album.

-Collect up to 20 collectibles in the Prize Maze minigame.

-Listen to 30 different wise sayings from the old wise man.

-Watch 7 different performances at the theatre.



If you don't have the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed, please choose the download with RTP included.

Download without RTP (about 12 MB): [LINK]

Download with RTP (about 200 MB): [LINK]




Graphics: Enterbrain, Division Heaven and Mack.

Music: Enterbrain (includes music from the RPG Maker XP RTP)

Scripts: -Picture Gallery by Moghunter

             -Multiple Choices  and Text Input by Tsukihime

             -Dynamic Sound Emitting Events by modern algebra

             -Forced Movement and Slippery Tiles by Yanfly


Known Issues:

English is not my native language, so there could be errors in spelling and/or grammar. Don't hesitate to point them out to me, so I can learn!

All puzzles have been tested and should be solveable, if you still run into a problem please let me know!

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