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     Hey, guy and girls, angels and demons, and whatever mystical being you are!

Welcome to my Literature Showcase! I will be posting several of the best quotes, bestiary, dialogue, stories, and poems that reside within my "Night Core" and "Angels of Darkness" series.

So, without further ado, let's begin!


(Angels of Darkness:Reaper Rising)

     Casper: I really hope that this time, when I'm done with Aarzael, I will be delivering the final deathblow to Diablo. This guy has been avoiding permanent death for too long now. I mean, how many times must this excuse of a Hell Lord must be vanquished before he goes down for good? He just won't quit!
     Twynog: Because franchise...(laughs)
     Rin: The Eternity War, duh! It's like, the law in the Universe, Angels and Demons have always and will always fight against each other, so beings like Sanctos and Diablo never really just "go away". They're apart of the essence of the Universe itself.
     Casper: ...That is kinda true...
                                                        *Long Silence*
     Rin: As much as I hate to admit it, Aarzael does have a point about humans and free will. Its so easy to choose Evil because it's so tempting and it's so easy to take. And humans love to do everything easy. But, that doesn't really mean they must to be killed because of that.
     Twynog: The funny thing is that Aarzael keeps mentioning that he will end the Eternity War and the fact that humans are inherently evil. However, it was the humans who actually managed to imprison Diablo in the Dark Altar and bring more progress to the Eternity War in 20 years than all the progress brought by the Angels in a gigantic period of time.
(Angels of Darkness Bios) 
Casper Ximyia
Age: 16
Race: Reaper
Originally from the Underworld, Casper came to Sargosso when she was only 6 years old. She cannot remember what events led to her arrival in Sargosso but it is assumed that it was something cruel that happened in her past. She believes that someone
attempted to wipe out the Reapers as part of a diabolical plot to rule the world because the dark race
swore to protect the righteous and maintain the "homeostasis" of the Universe.
Casper is the leader of the Guardians and is the most powerful. Casper commands death magic. She is sadistic and cynical on the outside, but in reality is very lonely and starved for affection. In rare occasions, Casper is sometimes seen as a motherly figure.
Esmeralda Pendragon
Age: 17
Race: Human (Infernal)
Originally from Redneval, Esmeralda was caught up in the current of a river during a storm when she was 10 and was never seen again. She appeared in Dystohria, nearly frozen to death, she was saved by her father Asmodeus, the Hell Lord of Sin. He granted her the power to control the element of fire. Her power was so strong she accidentally burned down a nearby forest, Rosa and Casper arrived to extinguished the flames and rescued her.  
Quiet and introverted, Esmeralda prefers to remain at home and read books or browse the Internet. Despite the fact that her magic has grown very strong she still has a habit of referring to her magic tomes. She tends to ignore her demonic ancestry mainly to save herself from
persecution or even Sargosso's death penalty.
Miyuki Angelo
Age: 16
Race: Fallen (Angel)
Born into the Cherubim Hierarchy of the High Heavens, Miyuki fell from Heaven when she was 13 years old due to her defiance and suddenly vanished in a flash of light appearing in the province of Aarett. She was adopted by Master Dior, a wealthy nobleman, and became his third daughter after her two adoptive sisters. 
She has the ability to use light magic and has formed a bond with the Reaper, Casper at a very young age. Her relationship with Casper is now immensely strong due to her secret love for her Reaper ally.
Rosa Sakura
Age: 19
Race: Faery
Hailing from Nehxuz, Rosa was in a car accident when she was 8 years old and her parents were nowhere to be found. In critical condition and near death, she was found by Master Dior and nursed back to health, becoming the first of his adopted daughters. 
Rosa has control over earth magic and uses her experience to protect her adoptive sisters and her team. She has an odd brand of humor that often serves to smooth over the differences between her team members but unsettles others. She regularly seems to playfully flirt with Ashley.
Ashley Van Dalvio
Age: 20
Race: Netherian, Human
Born in Aarett, Ashley was in a car accident with her parents when she was 10 years old which brought them through a "door" leading to Purgatoria. Appearing in the swampy wastelands of Purgatoria, each member of the family awakened to their magical ability. 
   Her father, Balder had never been a good man and being trapped in a strange land, suddenly gifted with magical powers, corrupted him even more. He became obsessed with finding a doorway home and in doing so opened doorways to the Burning Hells instead, corrupting himself even further and releasing Gilaial, the Hell Lord of Lies. Ashley was left to care for her sick mother and the family gradually became ostracized and hated by the locals leading to rumours that Ashley was a witch that haunted the swamp wastes. 
   Ashley's family lived next door to Miyuki's and Rosa's family in Aarett and as a result the girls and their families are acquainted.
Twynog Mechinov
Age: 23
Race: Skeldian
Originally from Aarett, Twynog has been put on probation for his "crimes against the Gods". As a result, he has been forced to become a caretaker for Casper for as long as the Gods wish him to. He has lived with her for 15 years and has grown a strong bond with her.
Twynog has the power of the wages of the Deadly Sin Wrath. He stores his hate and disperses it in his attacks. He often shares a romantic relationship with Rin, a young scholar of the Mage's College in Nehxuz.
(The only form of bestiary I have so far)
     The Destroyers are fiery, mindless creatures who are controlled through a hive-like mind by Kronos. They are created from molten lava, black soulstone fragments, and the powers of the Sins. Dwarven legends say that they are the heralds of Kronos and that their purpose is to clear Sargosso of all life in order to prepare for their master's final arrival. Although it was originally believed that Kronos is their master, they are ultimately subjects of the Archangel of Valor, Sanctos.
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