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XS - Hero Control

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XS - Hero Control

Version 1.0

This little script enables you to control the max value of items, level, gold etc. You control each thing via a variable ingame so you don't have to set a limit then have the same limit throughout the whole game. One last thing this script does is control the movement speed for the actor as well as the vehicle.


  • Control max items, level and gold via a variable.
  • Increase beyond max value of 99 for items, you can increase/decrease as you like using the variable.
  • Change the character speed for movement and the vehicle.
  • And more!


How to Use
Instructions how to use it can be find inside the script.
To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below Materials but above Main. Remember to save.

Get the script here.

None yet.

Do credit me, Nicke, if you are planing on using this script. Thanks.
Can be use in a commercial project.

Edited by Nicke

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I can't seem to change item stack. Like, can this change the stack for any amount of items?

Say, I have an item that I want a stack of 500. Item ID 15 in this example.


ITEM = [15,500]?


Or what do i do?

I figured out how to change the max stack for one single item, but how do I change the stack for multiple items? And is there a way to overflow items? Like, once X stack reaches 99, a new stack starts?

Edited by Jon Wei

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Hey Nicke! How could I set the menu to show what my max gold is with this script? (like I asked for the old one haha)



Thanks again for all the wonderful scripts!



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