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Arc Engine Specific TileSets

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So I looked around and couldn't find anything about it, So I decided to throw this out there.

After browsing a couple sprite website I came across complete maps that were in square segments!

(96 x 96 actually rmvx ace uses 1/3 that)


So I downloaded it, opened up my handy dandy photoshop and got to work and created this:




I threw it over a TileSet and kept the 32 x 32 formula going. That's when I realized, could people start making and uploading

Arc Engine Specific TileSets?! I mean 100% sidescrolling TileSets!  I pieced this together imported it into a game, 

then built a sample level (if thats what you wanna call it) to see what others think.


Now I threw this together under 1 hour so it's not perfect and I only used a single tileset, but you get the point.


Here it is:




Any feedback on this at all would be appreciated, who knows we may even be able to build a library full of these specific maps!






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