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Hello everyone! I'm a Dj as well as music producer, but lately i have been focusing on my own video game, as well as the music for it.
You can Listen to my entire OST for it here, i will probably be uploading more for it hehe.

Here is my latest composition.



If you'd like me to make music for your game, please let me know! And if i decide to, please bear in mind that im forgetful sometimes and its hard for me to keep track of alot of people who want me to make music for like five games at once, just please remind me from time to time and i will try my best to keep at it! >w<
I dont really desire much in the way of being compensated, except for my name in the credits!  ^_^  Be on the look out for my game too! :)

I hope you enjoy my music!

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I like your Tower Usurper theme. It kind of reminds of of Legend of Dragoon with a wider instrument assortment,

Thank you very much ^_^ I was going for something that made you feel like. "THIS IS IT THE FINAL BATTLE FINAL BOSS! YEAH LETS DO IT!!!!"

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