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Genre: Visual Novel [with puzzle and RPG elements]

Detailed Story Description: Lillian is a librarian assistant that has her ups and downs just like anyone else. Perhaps a tad more lonely than most due to being a nerd, she still finds things to enjoy in life. Everything is going okay - it could be better, like her love life, or having more friends, but things are good. It isn't until she finds herself suddenly thrown into another world that her life seems to get worse. With no knowledge besides fictional stories to help guide her through the dangers of these new and strange worlds, she somehow manages to surrive the first encounter ... only to find herself back in her room. Now the question is, what is going on?

• In Depth Story & Complex Characters
• Meaningful Plot Choices - Your choices may change more about the world than you realize.
• Stats that Matter - From charm to wit, your choices in how to develop your character impacts the way you interact with the world.
• Hidden Dialogue & Quests - Use the ability to explore to your advantage and earn experience, shards (money), or items.
• Dynamtic Areas - Sometimes the door you couldn't open before will allow you access now.
• Parallax Mapping - More realistic environments to explore!
• Choose your lover - Three unique characters to share your heart with.

Game Progression
• Story: 5%
• Art: 5%
• Mapping: 2%
• Music: 5% (Being worked on by guitar74man)
• Scripting: 90% (May increase/decrease as need arises)
• Eventing: 2%

I plan on making this a commerical game in the future, so please be aware of that. Thank you!

• Any help is appreciated!



Flaming Teddy Productions


Chris Rosenberg aka First Gemini/Guitar74man


Saba Kan
V.M of D.T
Seer UK

Special Thanks

Bernedette - my wife

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While I have nothing worth-while to update game-wise, since I'm still taking quite a while to progress with my maps ... I have done something that I consider worth making a post about - I've started a blog. I'll try and mirror it here too, when I get time, but for now - here's the link; Ruby Queen Blog. So for those of you who are interested, please follow progress here since it'll allow me to give smaller updates that still shows you that I'm making progress.  ^.^

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Thanks Skymoon, for the reference ... though it's not exactly the style I'm looking for in my game. That style seems a bit more cartoony and while it's amazingly done (reminds me of homestuck and I love that webcomic) I'm looking for a more "serious" style - not to say she isn't serious about her work.

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Just posting an update to let everyone know that this is still being worked on!~ Skymoon was kind enough to link me to some spriters, though Necro has offered to admit his skills at making "mack" sprites when I'm ready. Currently waiting for my artist to complete the portrait for Lillian and my composer (guitar74man) is working on my songs for my game. Meanwhile, I've been doing a day and night time parallax maps for the starting maps and learning lighting as I go and I'm pretty satisfied with it.


To always keep up to date, feel free to visit my blog at; http://rubyqinc.blogspot.com

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There's a small delay in updates, but fear not!~  I'm still working on this. I am just waiting on Lillian's completed portrait to post additional new changes to some of the features and plot details. ^.^ Meanwhile, Pinewood - Lillian's hometown - is coming along very nicely. Thank you Necromedes, CVincent, and DrassRay for their assistence along with others that have joined my stream lately!  <3

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Making some awesome progress on Lover's Rift. Not only is the town of Pinewood really starting to come together (screenshots in the original post), but I have finally gotten official art for Lillian, our main character. I have edited the above with those changes and some new planned features as well as a new list of credits!  Stay tuned for more updates!  Also don't forget to check out my blog, which updates a tad bit more often~

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Important update everyone! I've joined the social scene of Facebook and Twitter! Read my post on the blog to catch a little bit more information about it, or just visit either in my signature. Be gentle, I just set them up, haha.


Blog Link

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Important update!  I have an official website created!  Please visit it at http://lydyn1.wix.com/rubyqueeninc!


Also, I'll edit the main post later with new screenshots of the completed Pinewood map! So excited to have it finally done.  ^.^  Among other news, I am redoing the intro to be a bit smoother than it was before, so that's something. Also purchased Effectus (http://www.rpgmakersource.com), which I totally support if you guys can install it and have a spare $20 laying around. It really works, haha, but if not, go ahead and grab some neat freebie scripts.

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With a new day, comes new screenshots! Feel free to browse the up-to-date ones and even check out a couple alpha screenshots at the website!~

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Sounds like a pretty neat plot could develop into something much like a game I played a while back. I forgot what it was called, but your plot reminds me of it just a bit. I look forward towards further developments of your game. annnnd I love the idea of choice it's good to see that.

Planning to go commercial? Nice I hope that works out and those maps get a good upgrade. If you want some feedback on what your doing to see if you are doing it right I suggest going to the maps and screenshots thread. I think there's one laying about here on this forum I don't spend much time on this one.

Is there a problem with them? Yeah I just feel that some of them are a bit empty and some a bit lacking like the house. I am sure you can do much better lydyn. C:

Best of luck and don't drop this project, I will be waiting for it to be done. :)

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This looks like a very promising project. The indoor maps are alright, but you seem to be lacking a bit in your outdoor maps.


In the second screenshot, the path looks too much like it's spray-painted on. Even pixelated, dirt doesn't look like that.

In the second and fourth screenshots, the cars look flat and almost 3D. That alone isn't a problem, but it clashes with the sprites and style of the tiles...

 Outside of that, it's not bad at all!

Keep it up, and eventually you will have what it takes to go commercial.  I look forward to seeing more from you. Cheers!

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Thanks for the support and remarks you two!~ And no worries, I don't plan on dropping this. If a little criticism was enough to make me pack up and leave, I would've thrown my arms up a long time ago!  I went ahead and posted in screenshots. Let's see what advice I can get. ^.^  Though to be honest, it is a much much story-focused game than being a pretty one ... but anything to make it more appealing will go a long way.

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Making good progress Lydyn~ Been lurking around this thread for a long while and watching it grow for a while now. I really like all the work you're putting into it!

One way to get the maps to look less empty would be to add things like slight gradients to the grass, some patches being lighter and some darker which makes the

ground feel less flat! Also, it's a good idea to ensure things are never bigger than absolutely necessary, it's much easier to make a small room look pretty than a huge one!


For the outside areas animated things such as water, leafs falling, and small animals such as rabbits or birds (I'm sure I've seen free resources for those!) help to

liven a map up too!


I really like the inside map, as well as the playground area (the grainy sand aside, again try a gradual 'fade' from sand to grass instead!), I know you can make things work!

I also like the design of Lillian, and the story sounds interesting enough to make me want to see how it works out, so you got that going for you as well!

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Yes ladies (and gentlemen, I guess, lol),


I'm back. ^.^ I've been taking quite the long break, but don't be fooled! You better believe I'm dedicated to seeing this done. I've gotten some much needed time away from the project and have a few plans on doing mini-projects & maps in order to brush up my skills in order to revamp the game. The biggest advantage I have? I didn't get terribly far. The story, the characters, and the environments I plan on keeping... just mostly going to attempt at re-doing the first town and bringing more practiced mapping skills to the table.


In the meanwhile... tentatively... I'm going to see if I'm any good at composing some songs too... ^.-  Anyways, it'll be a little slow going, but I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things soon!  o/

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