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A quick script I whipped up for a side project of mine. Thought I'd share it.

The script adds a small HUD on the map that shows you the direction of certain nearby events. Just set the event's name as "GALRAD Name" to have them show up on the HUD as "Name", together with an arrow pointing in their direction.

If you want a tracked event to no longer show up, just activate its Self Switch D.










Editable settings:

*Switch to be used to activate/deactivate the function

*Local switch to use to hide events

*Number of items to show in the window

*Map event limit

*Intensity of the fading effect for faraway targets

*Orthogonal angle (At which angle the script will show events to be "directly" North, South, East or West of the player instead of a diagonal direction)


Code (Pastebin)

Download Demo (In Italian)

Edited by Gallade

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This is actually pretty good. I can definitely use this for my current game :) Good job!

But... uh... your links aren't working. Or at least for me.

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Updated the script.


You can now adjust the angle at which events will be considered in an orthogonal or diagonal direction from the player.

Also, you can now use special characters in the event names. For instance, "GALRAD\i[122]\n[1]'s Cat" will show the event as "heart_icon.jpgEric's Cat"

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