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Stories of SHEIDH IV - Oracion Memoirs

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Full version ( The game is still in Indonesian Language, I'm working on the translation )

Latest version : Full v5.3








This story starts on the journey of formerly high ranked military commander, Eiriou Finrouced,

who attempted to kill a member of the Epsylian Council, and became the nation's most wanted criminal.

He believes the council may be hatching a plot called Reservoir to take control over the continent of Reigeia.

Meanwhile, his adopted brother, Prince Seive X.Dalradvent, heir to the throne,

disappears and is suspected of being a traitor who is scheming to bring about a chaotic revolution at Gerrand,

the capital city of Epsylia, codenamed Anti Reservoir.

All the while, the nine symbols of peace -the ancient weapons- are disappearing one by one.

Rumors abound that they were taken by a demon. Regardless of how true such rumors are,

fear of what would occur if they all disappear is prevalent throughout the six kingdoms of Reigeia.

This is a story of two Wind Swordsmen, Seive and Eiriou, two fugitives on their separate paths to put an end

into Reservoir and overcome the awakened mythical power that lies beyond...








++ Eiriou Finhrouced

Title : Ex-Epsylian Curadhou (Commander)

Class : Swordsman

Age : 23 years old

Faction : Undefined

A great hero in the war of Fort Modos who was promoted to become an Epsylian General.

He became a fugitive after allegedly attempted to kill a member of the Epsylian Council in Gerrand.

He looks calm in all situations but yet a quick thinker when it comes into actions.

Eiriou is ambitious yet careless in achieve his objectives.



++ Seive Xaverio Dalradvent

Title : Epsylian Prince, Lord of the North

Class : Swordsman

Age : 22 years old

Faction : Epsylia Kingdom

Earned the title of Epsylian Prince after marrying Princess Aundine.

He was the hero of the kingdom and prepared to be the successor of King Salvaro.

Seive is an extremely intelligent man and holds many secrets in his hand. Right after the assassination

of the king's family as well as rebellion event which is involving his name and Eiriou in Gerrand,

the prince has disappeared without a trace...



++ Rhue Yuai

Title : Elite Archer, High Priestess

Class : Hunter

Age : 17 years old

Faction : Gleafander Shrine

A young elf girl from Gleafander Shrine, a hidden village inhabited by the race of Forest Elf and Night Elf.

She left the village to find her missing father in Arsei Kingdom. Silent is her nature, Rhue is talking

if something noteworthy happened, but actually she cares enough for her friends and family, However, when

she spend more time with the party, her cold personality begins to ease up.



++ Vau Lizecsou / Vaughn ( Western name )

Title : Shadow Pride Captain

Class : Duelist

Age : appx. 24-25 years old

Faction : Nouma Empire

He was a former spy from Noume Empire who currently serves as one of the Shadow Pride Captain.

Vau is using a western name, "Vaughn", when he's living in Arsei Kingdom, the first mate of Eiriou.

As a ninja, no ones doubt his fighting ability. but unfortunately, he's too naive and often act silly

in front of others. Vau witnessed the presence of Adcortziever.



++ Key Sletzer

Title : Zheon Military Captain, Key Master (lol)

Class : Duelist

Age : 25 years old

Faction : Nouma Empire

He has a fame to be a "clumsy-hypocrite guy" and yet he's one of the best Zheon Military Captain,

a law enforcement that is working under the supervision of Segnen Clan, one of the eleven clans

in Nouma Empire. Key has a ense of justice and lead his troops to fight against the Shadow Pride in Feuerre.

He also appears to follow his own ideals instead of adhering to the Segnen Clan doctrine.



++ Laneira Cymberblade

Title : The Seeker, High Wizard of Maghpardos

Class : Mage

Age : 21 years old

Faction : Maghpardos (Neutral)

She's a mage from a famous Magic Guild. A troublemaker wherever she is.

However, she's a cheerful person which made her easily adapting and getting a lot of friends.

He gets special orders from the guild to locate the ancient weapons and recover it.



++ The Oracle

Title : -

Class : Wizard

Age : Unknown

Faction : Unknown

Mysterious man who came to help Eiriou. The Oracle has many pseudonyms or nicknames.

No one knows the real identity of The Oracle.



++ Adcortziever

Title : Shape Shifter, The Legendary Demon

Class : Wizard

Age : Unknown

Faction : Unknown

An evil wizard of Juheimhen, he has a Shape Shifter ability to impersonate another person.

Not only the form, but also he gets the exact powers from his victims. In historical records,

Adcortziever was slayed by 9 Oracion Knights. But the fact referred to Oracle, Adcortziever has been sealed

in the past and managed to break through the crack of four dimensions for the 2nd time...






+ 3 GAME MODES ( Normal Mode, God Mode, and Hellgate Mode! )
+ 20~30 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY ( A great journey in Reigeia! )
+ ACTION BATTLE SYSTEM ( No random encounters, fight all enemies on the map! )
+ 7 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS ( 4 Main Characters, and 3 Side Characters to play! )
+ 30 UNIQUE JOBS/CLASSES ( 7 Basic Class, 13 Advance Class, 9 Legion Class, and 1 Secret Class to choose! )
+ 300+ DIFFERENT SKILLS ( Personal Skills, Class Skills, Talent, Special Skills! )
+ 700+ PIECES OF EQUIPMENT ( Hundreds of weapons and armors to collect! )
+ 100+ VARIOUS MONSTERS ( Beat them all and become a legendary warrior! )
+ 40+ VARIOUS QUESTS ( There are many side-quests all over the continent! )
+ ALIGNMENT SYSTEM ( Be a good hero or a bad guy, It's your choice! )
+ DAY AND NIGHT SYSTEM ( People sleep and shops are closed at night, so plan accordingly! )
+ STORAGE SYSTEM ( Keep or leave your items in a vault! Your inventory is limited, so be wise! )
+ 6 FACTIONS, 4 ALTERNATE ENDINGS ( Help/ignore people to add faction points and decide your ending! )
+ OPEN WORLD - FREE ROAMING ( Feel free to explore the continent!! )
+ HOME ( Buy a house or a villa, and some additional furniture! )
+ FARMING ( Buy seeds and grow crops for more cash! )
+ CRAFTING ( Create your own items and weapons! )
+ COOKING ( Cook your food and discover new recipes! )
+ QUICK FISHING (EVENTING) ( Sail the sea or find a fishing spot to get items and fish! )
+ CHAMPION ARENA ( Test your might and be the champion! )



















Characters :

I'm using RMXP spriteset, almost 60% of them.


Mapping :

some maps (5%) Inspired by Cartographer game,

95% created by me, there are 600 maps in total, no world map feature.


Sound & Musics :

all rights belong to its original owner.








BAHASA INDONESIA (Dialogue) + English (System) Full version = 100% COMPLETE

ENGLISH (Dialogue & System) Full version = DEMO


Download here




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Bump and Updated~ :)






Download Link :


ENGLISH Demo v1.0





Enjoy~ :D








-coming soon-




-coming soon-





(Arrow Key) to move character / cursor.
(Enter), or (Space) to confirm.
(Esc) to cancel or open up MENU SCREEN.

(Q), (W) to change character when you're in

(A) to attack using weapons.
(S) to block using shields.
(Arrow Key) to move.
(Arrow Key)+(D) to jump, avoid incoming attacs.

(Q), (W) to use items on QUICK SLOT panel.

(1), (2), (3), (4), (5) to use skills.

(D) + (A) Aerial Attack. to jump and attack flying enemies.



The battle is using ACTION BATTLE SYSTEM.


Battle Drive is a basic technique in melee combat.
These are the specific way to activate it

1. NORMAL ATTACK, press (A),
to use melee weapon on hand to attack.
2. BLOCK, press (S),
to use shield and block enemy's attack.

3. AERIAL ATTACK, (D) ---> (A),
you have to jump to attack flying enemy.
4. COMBO DRIVE, tap (A) several times and fast,
to get bonus damage from this continuous attacks.

additional critical damage by Crit. Rate & Agility.
6. COUNTER DRIVE, counter attack use specific equipment.
7. OVERKILL DRIVE, -coming soon-

There are 9 basic elementals :

1. FIRE, strong against ICE.
2. ICE, strong against FIRE.
3. THUNDER, strong against WATER.
4. WATER, strong against THUNDER.
5. EARTH, strong against WIND.
6. WIND, strong against EARTH.
7. HOLY, strong against DARK.
8. DARK, strong against HOLY.
9. VOID, none.

There are 9 Bad Status :

POISON, decrease defense rate.
BLIND, decrease accuracy rate.
SEAL, cannot use Skills, mostly Magics type.
CONFUSE, disrupt the movement.
SLEEPY, stunned for 2 sec.
STUN, stunned for 1 sec.
PETRIFY, stunned for 10 sec.
FREEZE, slower movement, decrease AGI.
BURN, disrupt the movement, decrease SPI.



+Shield block all incoming attacks. It save your life.
+Stock a lot Small Healions.
+Save your current progress often.





Personal Skills

This type of skills can be learned only

by certain characters through Scrolls or special Events.



Special Skills

Special ability that will be obtained depending

on the class type you choose, there are Warrior Aura

and Elemental Aura.



Class Skills


Additional skills for all characters,
you can buy and upgrade these skills in towns / villages.




Talent Skills


Talent is a passive skill that will have an influence / interaction
with various events outside the battles.





-coming soon-




-coming soon-


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What's the different between the Demo and Full version?


Full version is in INDONESIA ( DIalogue&Description ) and ENGLISH ( System,Map Name,Title,etc )

and Full English is still a demo.


I have decided to release the game in English+Bahasa, while i'm doing the translation.

There's Full English demo vers, but it's a hell grammatical errors, here and there. XD

Planning to finish the translation and then looking for someone who could clean it up afterward.

This game looks like a lot of fun. Love the music and characters.


The link for the english demo is hard to find on your site. I can't find it.


Thanks :)


Yeah, there's Full English demo vers, but it's a hell grammatical errors, here and there. XD

Planning to finish the translation and then looking for someone who could clean it up afterward.


download link fixed. check it out. :)


This game looks really good!


Thank you. :)

Edited by cradth

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Major updates


Changelogs v5.3


+ Cross Blader Skills fixes
+ Assassins Skills fixes
+ Cleric Skills fixes
+ Lancer Skills fixes
+ Alchemist/Sheinmancer Skills fixes
+ New Synthesize Items
+ Recipe updates
+ Advance Class NPC fixes
+ Lumina Scientist Class unlocked
+ Legendary Warlord Class unlocked


+ 9 Elmsh Weapons
+ 20 New Weapons and 6 Armor Sets
+ Shop updates
+ Bomb and X-Bomb updates
+ Regular Monsters updates
+ New Regular Monsters
+ New Bosses
+ Legendary Blacksmith updates

+ New Dungeon : Underwater Ruins
+ New Dungeon : Wind Cavern & Tedaar Cliff
+ New Dungeon : Rumaluk Volcano
+ New Dungeon : Ice Cavern part.2
+ New Dungeon : Jaccarda Desert
+ New Dungeon : Devoc Desert
+ New Dungeon : Beccazi Desert
+ New Dungeon : Hero's Graveyard
+ New Dungeon : Darkmoon Forest
+ New Dungeon : Castle Ragnarok

+ New Area/City : Abandoned Cellar
+ New Area/City : Valdestra
+ New Area/City : Illarna Village
+ New Area/City : Hupu Hupu Island
+ New Area/City : Imperial Post
+ New Area/City : Azwil
+ New Area/City : Imperial City

+ Dialogue updates
+ Story/Plot Holes fixes
+ New Events
+ Rhue glitch fixes
+ Maps glitch fixes
+ Last Boss Battle updates
+ Reduce Lags

+ Guardian of Sevahn Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! )
+ Thundercloud Unicorn Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! )
+ Black Serpent Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! )
+ Eyes of Ersevah Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! )

+ and mores




Screenshots updated!


Characters bios updated!


Game description updated!




Translation Progress : 25-30%

( It takes longer than my expectation :( )

Edited by cradth

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