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Modify Existing Menu/Item Script?

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I found this script that allows the player to choose an item to use from the menu: http://galvs-scripts.com/galvs-use-item-on-event/


I really like it and it works well, however the item can only be selected from a separate menu that is brought up, not the default items menu. I would like to use the item directly from the default menu instead, not the new items menu included in this script.


To see it in action, it is in 'The Witch's House' game in this video at around 1:50:




Could someone help modify this script to do that? I'd really appreciate it!

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I agree with OP here. While menus like Galv's are nice, sometimes you want the item effects to activate events from the main menu instead of the separate menu. I'm personally in need of one of these as well.

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