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Bird-type Enemy Weakness?

Bird-type Enemy Weakness? (Quick answer)  

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  1. 1. What should a bird-type enemy's elemental affinities be?

    • Weak to wind, strong against earth
    • Weak to wind and lightning, strong against earth
    • Weak to earth, strong against wind
    • Weak to earth and lightning, strong against wind
    • Weak to wind, earth, and lightning

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Generally, in the typical JRPG a flying enemy is weak to projectiles, such as arrows or bullets.


But the element they're weak to tends to vary. Sometimes they're weak to wind and are completely immune to earth-elemental damage, which does not hit them. Or they could absorb wind-elemental damage and are weak to earth damage. 

Sometimes their weakness also extends to lightning-elemental damage as well. 


I'm curious, how do you guys prefer to handle their weaknesses? 

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Honestly I would prefer to go the Lufia 2 method.  Make an anti-air element and have some skills/weapons that are tuned to that element.  Granted it's not an element as people generally think of them, but it would still go in the element list so...element.


As for the reason why; well a bat might not necessarily be vulnerable to the same traditional element as an eagle.  Again taking an example from Lufia 2 (don't ask me questions about game logic), bats are weak to anti-air and fire, but I don't think birds have a traditional weakness.  Just anti-air as far as I'm aware.

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Ack- none of the above.


Weak against lighting, strong against earth (aerial advantage) and wind (maybe not high damage to, but high resistance to, as the air is their domain). Pokemon rules, mate.

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If the birds are more "spirit of the air" things, make them strong against wind and weak against earth. If they're more "literally, they're just birds" things, reverse it.

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I would say it depends on the type bird foe you are making.

For example:


A basic early game bird foe with a weakness to wind, ice and electric, immune to earth


Crust Ripper

A mid game foe with a weakness to ice and water, immune to earth and electric, resists lightning and wind


Nexus Sun

A late game foe with a weakness to mind, time and nature, immune to earth, electric and magicka, resists wind, spirit and metal

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