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XS - Random Items

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XS - Random Items

Version 1.0a

This snippet enables you to give randomized rewards to the player based on the current actors level.


  • Give rewards based on the current actors level.
  • For items you can specify how big amount you can get using a variable.
  • Popup support is included if you are using XS - Popup Item or Vlue's Sleek Item Popup.
  • And more!


How to Use
Instructions how to use it can be find inside the script.
To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below Materials but above Main. Remember to save.

Get the script here.

Released 1.0a. Added support for Sleek Item Popup (Remember to credit Vlue if you are using that script).

Do credit me, Nicke, if you are planing on using this script. Thanks.
Can be use in a commercial project.

Edited by Nicke

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This may come across as a newb question, but where do I put "AMOUNT_VAR" in the script to get more then 1 item?


should it be like this:

r_item(:item) AMOUNT_VAR






-edit Actually I figured out where to put it, now just got to figure out how to make it random.


What I'm trying to do is get a random number of items to "drop" from chests. (like between 1 & 5 of the same item)

Edited by Narzori

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