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My game company, cHAOStudios, recently revealed our first project, currently titled "SANCTION" (working title). We are trying to build a fan base before we set the project up for crowdfunding, and I thought posting something here might be a good place to start!


Here is the information we have revealed about the project so far:



"We are proud to announce:

"Project: SANCTION" - An open world adventure, with a HUGE story to tell!

This game will be classified as an Action/Adventure Sandbox RPG. You will play as the main protagonist, an enthusiastic adventurer with a dream to see the universe and all it has to offer!

The game takes place in a realm of its own, containing a multitude of planets--all unique and full of life--and thriving with magical energies and creatures beyond our wildest imaginations!


A true sandbox adventure!

     Each planet has it's own world map and contains 100s of areas to explore! You are free to go anywhere, at any time, for any reason! Even the depths of space await you!

Actions speak louder than words!
     Every planet has a different story to tell! Interact with the world around you and see where your actions take you!

Never play the same game twice!
     Random events are unfolding every day! With an ever-changing game world, who knows what tomorrow may bring!

Limitless player customization!
     100s of weapons, armors, skills, and monsters--all at your disposal! Nothing is off limits!

Currently, the team is putting the final touches on the game's programming, which once finished will allow us to start building the game world. Once the game gets to a point where a demo is possible, we will host a crowdfunding campaign to help finish the rest of the project!

At this time, we would like to work towards building a fan base, so that when the time comes, we will have a better chance at a successful crowdfunding campaign. If you would like to support the project, please share our posts and tell anyone you think would be interested about our page!

In the meantime, we have revealed the 6 starting monsters, and will reveal their respective evolutions over the next couple of months based on fan input! We will also be asking the fans for input on many other aspects of the game as well!

We look forward to hearing from you all and hope you are as excited as we are about Project: SANCTION!"




You can check the project out on Facebook, where we have posted images and other such things!


Thanks so much!


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