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Version/Build Number

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Version/Build Number v1.1

By V.M.



Lets you have a unfancy little window on your title screen that displays the version and current build!

(Build is an arbitrary number that basically is how many times the game has been run)



- I just said them in the Introduction...

- Displays version and build number



Oh, something I can screenshot!





How to Use

Plug and play and customize, notes in script as usual.



Convenient Pastebin: Here

Care to go the extra mile? Use this link instead: Here




Q: I swallowed Drain Cleaner! What do I do!?

A: Probably call Poison Control, I don't know. This area is for script questions only.


Credit and Thanks

- By V.M. of D.T.

- Free to use in any project with credit given.


Author's Notes

I really need to make a big script or series of script that isn't free to use...



Version 1.1 - Fixed bug where game would crash when returning to title from load screen

Edited by Vlue

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