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Custom Filenames for Save Files

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Custom Save File Names v1.0

By V.M.



Have special weshul filenames for your save files to set them apart from other games! No more having to wonder if that Save1.rvdata2 file belongs to this game or that. And maybe other semi-useful features.



- Custom save filenames


How to Use

Plug and play and customize



Convenient pastebin: Here

Care to go the extra mile? Use this link instead: Here



Q:What's the point?(Noone actually asked this yet)

A:You can figure that one out


Credit and Thanks

- V.M. of D.T.

- Free to use in any project with credit given


Author's Notes

I felt like adding another script, this is what I came up with.. yah. However, I love =begin, =end comment blocks.

Edited by Vlue

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If I delete the extension and I didn't know the old one? If I put a "", what happen?

See my script( from signature) about save proprieties...


If you don't specify an extension and just put a "" you get a save file with no extension. The extension isn't necessary.

Nice plug though?

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This is actually a pretty cool script.

I always hated it that those savefile names looked so, well, ugly to be honest. So thank you for this :)

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