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In need of script: Adding option to menu that calls a Common Event

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Hi there,

This is probably one of the most basic things you can do with scripts, but unfortunately I just can't get my head around scripting... So I'm wondering if anybody could whip up a quick one for me?

I'm looking to add an option to my in-game menu called Statistics above the Save option, which, when chosen, will call Common Event #001 (if a name is required for the common event, I'll just name it  "STATS" , without the "s)

I've attached a screenshot of my current menu, in case that helps:





Thanks in advance for any help that can be given!

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Hello PoPS,


While I cannot write you up a script to do so, a fellow named Yanfly has.

Its called Yanfly's Menu Engine and will allow you to modify quite a bit of your menus.

Now it does require his Core Engine, but that also corrects several bugs in RMVXA.







To implement go to the Links and click on the Github link, then the RAW button on the new page.

Copy the script.

Go to your RPG Maker Program and click Script Editor, scroll down it till you find: 'Materials,' 'Insert Here,' and 'Main.'

Right click on Insert Here and select Insert from the menu.

Click on the new space that appears, then on the text field at the bottom of the page, name it something to know what script is what.

Then click on the large text field and Paste the script.


Repeat process for the other one, putting it below the Core Script, but ALWAYS above 'Main' Never anything below it.


Now once done click on the Menu Script and find Line # 110, it will say # :event_1,.

Remove the #, nothing else.

Now find Line # 130. It will say :event_1 => etc ect..

Change the Display Name to whatever you want it to say, Change the switch numbers to 0 if you want it to be always available to the player, or map a Switch to turn it on or off, and put the number of the switch there. Last thing is change the Event ID number to whatever the Database number to the Common Event you want to use is.

There now you have whatever it is you want!


Hope this helps, and if you need more assistance just ask!

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Thanks very much for the response, though I think I decided against using those scripts when I looked through things a while back, as it seems to do some things that I don't want. I'm completely useless with scripts and editing them, so I wasn't able to disable the things I didn't want, or adjust some things that I did want.

But I very much appreciate your assistance, it's nice to know this community has friendly helpful people!

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