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Weird Problem: Unaligned Door Sprite

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Hi there,

In my current project, I'm making all my own custom graphics for everything, and I've just gotten to making my first town of the game! Though I've come across a very strange problem that I can't understand at all...

I've made my own animated door sprite in Characters, at 32x64 size, but this happens... (I've added somebody else's door sprite for comparison):





The other door graphic is in exactly the same size image file (384x512), with exactly the same sprite size as my own custom one (32x64), and yet mine is inexplicably shifted upwards 4 pixels, out of space it should be limited to, whereas the other door has 4 blank pixels at the top (as it does in the graphic file).


If any more information is required, let me know. I've attached both images shown in this in case it helps.

This is really bugging me, so I hope somebody can help.

Thanks for your time!



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Hello again PoPS,


To fix your current problem open back up your Paint program and add 4 pixels to the bottom of the page, then shift the whole thing down. Probably need to do 8 Pixels, 4 per set.


And to help keep this stuff from happening I started taking a ready made door graphic and using it as a size reference, simply drawing over that.

Same with Sprites or anything else, if I can find a tile that acts like, and is the size of what I need I load it up and draw over it.

Then its always the correct size, config, and order.


Hope this helps.

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Perhaps it's because the RTP door has a "!" sign on its spritesheet, while the other door does not have a "!" symbol.

Character sprites are shifted up a little bit normally. Putting a "!" at the start of the filename will remove that 4-pixel raise and make it align to the tile.


The other symbol is $, which is put in singular spritesheets (with only 1 character instead of 8), so the selection box will work correctly.


I've checked the attached pictures-- notice that the RTP door is named !Door3.png.


Also, the placement of fourth row in your door seems odd. It should be blank or switch it with the third row.

Or, you can just turn the door up before turning it right. I'm assuming you're setting it to transparent after it's done?

Edited by Eien Nanashi

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Oh wow, putting a ! at the start of the file name fixed it... That's one of the strangest things I've ever seen, why would anybody want their sprites to be shifted up by default?

Oh well, at least now I know. Just another thing I'll have to keep a note of somewhere.


As for the placements of my door sprites, I have them set that way so I can just have the movement be Turn Right 90 degrees 3 times, instead of Turn Left, Turn Right, Turn Up or whatever the default is. But I don't make it transparent in the end, I kinda like still being able to see the door just before the screen transitions.


Anyway, thank you both very much for your responses! Learning a new program is always the hardest part, so it's nice that there's such a friendly community ready to help!

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It's to make your walking sprites more realistic--you probably don't realize it, but that small pixel different offsets what your mind would perceive as layers :) Or apparently so....I find it weird too.


​Closing as solved :)

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