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Arc I: 80%

Arc III: 0%

Arc III: 0%

Final Arc: 0%

Postgame: 0%

Total: 16%


(I plan to release this game's demos as each arc is finished. There will be a demo after Arc I, Arc II, Arc III, and then the final release will follow.)

No demo release date determined yet, as I'm currently juggling school/work stuff. But I hope for a release by the end of the summer.



The world of Aielus was a thriving land, ruled by its emperor and the seven dieties. At first, magic was something of legends. Only the emperor and his dieties could use magic, from what they called the "Royal Stone". However, on one fated night, a large meteor crashed into the planet. The meteor itself was filled with energy, that started flowing through the land. People began carving off pieces of the meteorite and absorbing the power into themselves. Eventually, the meteorite's magic and the beings on Aielus became adapted to eachother. Eventually, humans could use magic without meteorite in hand due to their body absorbing magical energy through the air. In fact, the meteorite's energy was so powerful, that the Emperor had once tried to ban its use. However, after seeing how this new magical energy improved the lifestyles and technology of the people, they decided to let humans partake in magic.


However, the Emperor knew that magic could be used for negative reasons as well. If the planet's safety was ever in danger, he would need to be able to take back all of the meteorite's energy. He and his dieties studied the meteorite and combined their powers to create a stone that could absorb the meteorite's power. This is what they called the Kuro stone. They hid it in the royal palace, where it remained through generations of the royal family line. However, it only took a lackluster emperor to fail in his duty to guard it, for someone to snatch the stone. It has not been seen since, but rumors have emerged that the Azuma Empire may have been responsible for its disappearance.


Unbeknowst to most, there is a second stone that was created by the Emperor and his dieities. It was called the Kaiho stone. This stone's purpose was the take back power from the Kuro stone if it were ever abused. As a defense mechanism, the Kaiho stone was enchanted so that anyone that wasn't in the royal family would cause it to shatter. This actually did happen at one point in time, when a greedy warlord invaded the royal lands in order to steal it. As a result, seven shards of the Kaiho stone remain hidden in Aielus.


Fast foward to today, a group of adventurers stumble upon one of the stones. Surprisingly, it does not reject them. After realizing the future fate of this world, they seek to gather all of the stones in order to stop an amibitious ruler from misusing the Kuro stone.



Oscar - Age 17: Oscar was born and raised in Oxeni. He moved to the eastern town of Vynile 3 months ago to be trained in the art of a spear by Leous, a family friend. During his training, he met his best friend Alaina. Although their friendship was relatively new, they connected really fast, and decided that they would adventure out into the world together. Finally, that day had come. He wields a spear.


Alaina - Age 18: Alaina was born and raised in Vynile all her life. She took up mage training with her mentor Parumi. After becoming great friends with Oscar, they decided to adventure out together. While taking on a quest to find a mysterious object in the Twilight Tunnels, they stumble upon an object that would change their lives forever.

She wields a mage's book.


Musu - Age 16: A member of the Nightwish clan. As a child, he suffered at traumatic experience of his clanmates being murdered in front of his eyes in an invasion. Horrified, he vowed to get stronger so that he could have protected his clanmates. He's very intellgent and serves as the group's brains. While in his hometown, he studied healing magic and has also dabbled in some of the ancient arts.

He wields a scimitar.


Hatsue - Age 12: When she was 6, she was adopted into the Larok family with her older brother. They lived in the city of Doleni, who's independent from any empire's rule and protects its city with its own city militia. However, her brother was killed in battle two years ago. She swore revenge against the people who killed him, and entered the militia herself, despite protests from others. Despite her age, she is a skilled fighter, and is known as the "Moonlight Flower of the Battlefield"

She wields what is known as a "String blade". Blades that are attached by sturdy wires wrapped around her wrists that can be swung around, allowing her to use "Battle dances".





Wortana - Backup Script

Fomar0153 - Side View Battle System

Modern Algebra - Lock Actor in Formation Script

Skyval - Menu Bars Script

Victor - Victor Engine Damage Popup Script

Moghunter - Weather Effects script and Event Text Popup

V.M of D.T - Sleek Item Popup

Yanfly - Ace Message System v1.05

Rajawali - Sprites

Jessie – Sprites

Dai – Sprites

EB – Sprites

Neofox462 - Sprites

Vibrato – Sprites

Celianna – Tilesets


Games in which the music came from:

RPG Maker 1, RPG Maker 2, RPG Maker 3, RPG Maker XP, Pokemon Colloseum, Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Chross, Wild Arms FX, Magna Carta, Legend of Mana, Kirby’s Adventure: Return to Dreamland, Hellsinker, Dragon Quest VI, Super Paper Mario, Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VII


Also thanks to HappyDragonite on Youtube for the Eterna Forest remix



(Mistakes do happen. If you notice I forgot to credit someone, please notify me through PM or the comments and I'll update the list)



















For this game, I went with a more simple battle mechanic. The game uses a simple side view battle system. Battles mainly play out in a "Find the weakness" style. Every character can learn elemental moves. Even Oscar learns elemental slashes with his spear. (however, no character can learn all the elements) Every enemy and boss has a weakness to a certain element, although it's not specifically stated, so you're encouraged to experiment by using different attacks on each enemy to find out what they are weak to. (The damage popup script does let you know if an enemy resists or is weak to a move)


I tried to balance the battle system so that the characters weren't immidiately overpowering the enemies. However, you may notice that if you do grind, you will find battle are easier if you're a few levels above an enemy. In this game, I wanted to make leveling up more valuable. Of course, this doesn't mean you're automatically screwed if you go into a dungeon underleveled. Enemies to have levels next to their names. You can tell you're at an okay level if you're levels match the levels of the enemies in the dungeon. Keep in mind it's normal for bosses to be at least 1-2 levels above you.


Alongside the main adventure, there will be plenty of sidequests available. And I mean a lot. So talking to NPCs is encouraged. Sidequests range from finding items, to exploring myths, slaying monsters, delivering precious items, and some even feature cameos from other games! (I won't spoiler who those are though! You'll have to find that out yourself)


This game's equipment system is a little unique in the sense that you don't really have a "Head" slot or a "Shield" slot. Instead you have a "Meteorite" slot and a "Seal" slot. Meteorites are small elemental fragmants of the meteorite that you may find on your journey or get from sidequests. They give your normal attack an element of that meteorite and also give you resistance to said element. Seals are special crafted spellcards that give your party member a stat boost or regen. Seals can be bought at the seal house in the second town of the game, Maily. Keep in mind that seals are expensive so don't expect to be able to buy the powerful ones right off the bat!





Here are some videos of my game:


Moonlight Woods:


This is the first dungeon of the game.


Cherry Fields + Cherry Forest


Here's a preview of the fourth dungeon in the game.


Rauke + Heat Mountain


Here's a video of the fifth dungeon in the game, and bonus footage of a town.


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Interesting screenshots.

How about the gameplay (level up, skills, etc)?


I'll be sure to try it out.

Also I probably missed it, but why Bollide?

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Interesting screenshots.

How about the gameplay (level up, skills, etc)?


I'll be sure to try it out.

Also I probably missed it, but why Bollide?

Thanks for reminding me. I included a gameplay section in my edit.


As for bolide, I wanted my name to sound unique but still have a fitting message behind it. Since this game deals with meteors and such, I chose Bolide, which is..


"A meteoric flash or flare created when a meteoroid explodes or vaporizes as it passes through Earth's atmosphere. Also called fireball."


Since the world changed after the fateful meteorite crashed into the land, everyone's fates were tied to the meteorite, thus the name "Fates Bolide"

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I like the simple, easy-to read font.  Those maps are really detailed, they must have taken a long time to make!  The music is really pretty and fits the mood well. 

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I like the simple, easy-to read font.  Those maps are really detailed, they must have taken a long time to make!  The music is really pretty and fits the mood well. 


Thank you so much! :)




So far I'm at the 70% mark with the demo. Just finished the third boss fight of the game.


The cherry areas probably took me the most time to make out of all the dungeons so far, but it's been fun! Nature and forest mapping is definitely my favorite to map.

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Hey everyone! It's been a while! I'm still working on this game! I'm almost done with Heat Mountain (fifth dungeon in the game). After I get that done, and finish the next dungeon, the first arc of the game will be complete, and a demo will come. I can't promise any date for when it will be done, but we'll see.


Anyway, please check it out!


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