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So, this is a minor project I've been working on.

In my internet quest for resources (or lack thereof) I came across Celianna's World Map Maker.



That work inspired me, and thus this baby was born.  There are some similarities, including the credits but my map maker is a slightly less bright style than Celianna's.  I was going closer to an old timey Naval map type of look.





Crediting Rules

Credit Charles Hurst, charlesthehurst or Charlesthehurst.

Free for use in non-commercial projects only. (subject to change)

If using the provided tiles, use in RPG Maker VX Ace only.

If not using those tiles, any game engine is free to use.

DO NOT redistribute or repost the download link.  Please link back to this thread instead.


Example in the spoiler




How to Use

  • Open the .psd file.
  • Choose the Eraser tool and set the hardness to about %20.
  • Erase away the Map Base Layer to draw out your land masses.
  • If you'd like to have the land edges look like the example above, copy the Map Base Layer. On the bottom copy add a drop shadow or weak outline colored a dark brown.
  • If you would prefer to not have the blue water, you can alter the color to a darker brown than the Map Base Layer.
  • The Latitude/Longitude and Stain layers are purely for decoration.  Do what you want with them.


Notes regarding the Map Maker

  • The font used for the Banner Layer is here: http://www.fontspace.com/gemfonts/treasure-map-deadhand
  • The image is a .psd or Photoshop file.  You will need a program that can open these files. Paint.net can open these file types with a plugin.
  • The image size is 1088x832.  This is the equivalent of a 34x26 map in RPG Maker VX Ace.
  • You may edit, add or remove any image within the Map Maker, so long as you follow the above Credit Rules.
  • The Tile Grid Layer can be used to align map objects/decorations with the RPG Maker VX Ace grid.  This can make setting up events much easier.

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