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Aaron Krogh

Music Loops & BGM Collection - Free Commercial Use

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Aaron: The links to download your music are no longer working. I do not know how to download from SoundCloud or Tumblr. Is your music still available for people trying to create their own games?

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Thanks for letting me know. The links are active again on the original post, You can download them here as well:

FINISHED TRACKS, 2010 - 2014, #110, 147 - 314 (Includes all previously released, free SoundCloud tracks.) 



EARLY DEMOS, 2006 - 2009, # 001 - 105, 121 - 141 (Includes previously unreleased tracks from 2006-09. Many are unfinished and don't loop smoothly.)

DOWNLOAD PART 1 (344MB) | PART 2 (272MB)

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Hi everybody! Here are three new tracks from a planned new album of 100% free-to-use music resources. If I had the time and money to assemble a team to make my own game idea, this would be the soundtrack. Some tracks are based on my unfinished loops and early demos from 2007. I cannot say when new tracks will become available, but I hope it's soon. No need to ask permission to use these in your project. Download links are visible when you click on the ellipses symbol (...) on each track's page. There is a download limit at the moment. Please let me know if the download links need fixing.
Our Last Day in Paradise



Your music is sooo awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! Can i use your music for my game?  :D

Thank you! And yes, you may! Sorry for the late reply.

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Hi everyone! I'm moving my individual downloads to YouTube. Each track that's available for free, commercial use will have a download link in the video's description. Videos have already been added, and more are on the way! Feel free to use downloadable tracks in your projects without asking. My request is that you please credit me as Aaron Krogh.


Click the following links to visit 47971602217_b29244f859_t.jpg & 48051078897_787d6eea68_m.jpg


If you recall a track that's missing that you'd like me to add to YouTube, feel free to reach out to me, and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Thanks for the support!

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