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Here's the question. I  am the one trying to make a shining force type game. Where you control up to 16 characters. My game has 45 characters in it and I want to be able  to use more then the 4 characters. Is there a way I can use a special or some kind of magic to cast *swap unit* and pick a different character? Is it tricky?

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Hello neilH1978,


To change the number of players in the party you could use a Script like Yanfly's Party System, which allows you to set how many members you can have in the party at any time. So 16 is doable.

Can find it here:


You'll also need his Core script that all his other scripts run off, find that under the RMVXA tab at the top.


Also allows you to using a Script call or inside the Menu (if preferred) to change the party at will.

Could make a skill that runs a common Event and that changes party.


Hope that helps.


Curiously, are you making a turn based strategy game like Shining Force?

I'd like to see that, and have been trying to create a TBS system for awhile.

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Thank I will try this one out. I will be changing the names of the character, their name with their profession. Ex:Jake the Lumberjack. Also can you have more then 9999 hp/map? If you played shining force then you know the boss at the end had more then 9999 life. His bar was 4 different colors or some kind of thing you can use hit points like that. Like for 9998 it would show green and 9999+ would be blue then turn green after it goes below 9999? I haven't play the game in a long time. I wonder if it was 4,000? with each bar at 1k.

Zeon 1 ?? ??   HP and MP is ??



I just looked under battle monsters

zeon.gifZeon p.gif 0 ??
(500) ?? ?? 50 72 0 None Demon Breath

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Yeah a lot of Bosses had mega health.. Which Can be done with another of Yanfly's Script called Adjust Limits.

It will be in the main list.



Though you cant use multi coloured life bars. Unless there is a script somewhere for that, but I don't know if there is.

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