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Technically not a question on development. At least not yet.


I use a PS3 controller emulated as an X-Box 360 controller via SCP Driver. While I'm aware RPG Maker has controller support, it forces me to use the analog stick for menu and movement unless I have Lone Wolf's controller script working. I found a sort-of fix by pasting the script from the game I'm making to the game I want to play, but not all of them have the Data folder with the Script file ready to do this. That, and I'm probably risking causing data errors to the game I play. I even went and made a copy of the Script file of the game I copied it into so I can fix it should problems occur.


So, I was wondering if there was a way to allow for the use of of the d-pad instead of the analog without the use of any scripts. I haven't been able to find such function in the F1 menu.


I don't want to play with a keyboard because my keyboard is bad. The directional input requires me to use both the arrow keys and the number pad as some of those keys don't work. Plus, I just prefer a controller in general.


If someone can give me tips, that'd be great.


PS. My PS3 controller won't work on it's own, so it needs either the SCP Driver or MotionInJoy to work, and I'm trying to get off of using MotionInJoy. I use a USB cable to plug it in.

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My PS controller forces me to use Analog Stick, but I pressed a button on the controller which said 'Analog' a Red Light wen out on the controller and it worked fine with DPad

Same as me, except I'm using PC controller.



If your controller is 'emulated' as X-Box 360 controller, then it should be configurable in that program right?

I was using similar program to emulate my PC controller as X-box 360 controller for some PC games and I could configure every single button.

U know, since PC/PS controllers are kinda different than X-box ones (analog replaced with arrows), then during configuration I kinda replaced some things to make it comfortable for me.

Check if that program provides that configuration or try to find some other program perhaps?

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PS3 controllers don't have an analog button. There's a PS button in it's place and that's set up to open a guide program that that was required for SCP to work. It doesn't switch anything to my knowledge.



I don't think it works like that. I see no way to configure controls ad without any advice, I REALLY don't wanna go messing around with it. The program is set to make the computer recognise the PS3 controller as a 360 controller. With all the trimmings, such as if I play a game with controller compatibility, it behaves just like it normally would without any awkward set up. So, basically, it still behaves like a PS3 controller, but the input is translated to what it would be like on a 360 controller (Such as square being X and stuff like that).

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