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Creating "Throw Teammate" skill/event for battle that also hurts tossed teammate

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I'm interested in creating a character class that is the worst type of team player (their attacks do lots of damage to enemies but also hurt teammates, and their attack goes up with each additional KOed party member)


Would anyone know how to create a skill for battles where a party member throws other party members into enemies? 


What's most important is that I'd like the "throw party member" attack to damage an enemy (of course) and also damage the thrown party member (less damage, though, and reduced further by their defense).


Bonus points: If anyone knows how I'd set up the situation where that character powers up whenever a teammate dies, that'd be super gravy.


Any takers on how I might go about setting this up?


Thanks, RPG Maker community! :)

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I don't know all the particulars, but this is what I'd do:


1. Make a new skill type labeled "throw ally" or whatever.


2. Make a skill for each member you can throw, (There's likely a better way then this, but it's what comes to mind)


3. In the respective damage formulas; $game_actors[n].hp -= 5 ; where n is the actor ID of the person you want to be damaged by 5 after the skill is used.



To prevent using this combat skill when members are not in your party, you either have to make each skill be written as a conditional statement, or find/use a script that prevents abilities from being used when lacking certain party members.



You can set up battle events that flip switches when party members die, which will in turn run common events that will buff this combatant in some way.

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